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HP22B, The World’s Next Hottest Pepper?

Ed Currie claims or perhaps claimed the the HP22B Pepper (HP22B stands for higher power, pot number 22, plant B) is the worlds hottest pepper. At the time of this article Ed claimed that he had numerous samples of the … Continue reading

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The Pepper Search Engine

The pepper search engine uses Google custom search. The pepper search engine only searches certain pages and sites so generally speaking you will get better results using pepper search than you will using Google if you’re looking for pepper related … Continue reading

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Pepper Joe Claims a New Hottest Pepper is Coming

According to a post by Pepper Joe he knows a few people that are planning to unveil the world’s hottest pepper in two weeks. If true that would be a fairly significant event seeing that the initial Moruga Scorpion test … Continue reading

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Morouga Scorpion = 7 Pot Brain Strain?

Or is it 7 pot brain strain = morouga scorpion? Shortly after the announcement came out that the morouga scorpion had tested at over 2 million scoville heat units a rumbling started in the hot pepper community that the morouga … Continue reading

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7 Pot Douglah – The World’s 2nd Hottest Chili Pepper

For now. The recently released test results for the moruga scorion also included results for three other peppers, one of which was called “chocolate 7-pot”. The chocolate 7 pot tested at 1,853,396 SHU on the high end and 923,889 SHU … Continue reading

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