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Where to Buy Carolina Reaper Seeds

Until more people have grown the Carolina Reaper pepper there are only two reliable places to get Carolina Reaper pepper seeds as of this writing. 1. 2. (will update with actual link once Joe adds the reaper seeds … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Some of the first super hot pepper seeds I ever bought were giant bhut jolokia seeds from Pepper Joe. A big part of my early growing success was good seeds. Super hot peppers take a long time to grow so … Continue reading

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Selling Pepper Seeds?

While I don’t sell pepper seeds I do buy them and know a bunch of seed sellers. As spring approaches for a large portion of the united states the pepper seed selling starts ramping up but when does it peak? … Continue reading

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The 7 Pot/Pod Brain Strain

2011 was the first season I’ve grown the 7 pot brain strain pepper. I even messed around with growing it in a DWC setup in the winter months of 2010/2011. I received my seeds from Cappy AKA Pepper Ridge Farm … Continue reading

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Fresh Trinidad Scorpion Pods for Sale

AlabamaJack of is taking it to the next level with his Trinidad Scorpion pepper operation this year: He’s expecting about 700 pounds of fresh peppers in 3 or 4 weeks. If you would like to get your hands on … Continue reading

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