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Where to Buy Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Some of the first super hot pepper seeds I ever bought were giant bhut jolokia seeds from Pepper Joe. A big part of my early growing success was good seeds. Super hot peppers take a long time to grow so … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase: Hot Pepper Flakes

Some of the hot pepper flakes I have made over the past few weeks. Includes some giant red bhut jolokia, chocolate bhut jolokia, caramel bhut jolokia and a red bhut jolokia / red Caribbean mix.  

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Selling Pepper Seeds?

While I don’t sell pepper seeds I do buy them and know a bunch of seed sellers. As spring approaches for a large portion of the united states the pepper seed selling starts ramping up but when does it peak? … Continue reading

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Bhut Jolokia aka Ghost Pepper Chili

In the world of hot peppers, while no longer the record holder for being the hottest, the bhut jolokia or “ghost pepper” is still the most popular super hot pepper. Is the ghost pepper as widely known as the habanero…not … Continue reading

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2012 Super Hot Pepper Grow

January 22, 2012 Here’s the super hot pepper grow list for 2012. May have some slight changes (additions mostly) but this is the core. Could say this is the year of the bhut! Yellow Bhut Jolokia – 10 – 6 … Continue reading

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