The World’s Hottest Chilli Pepper – Trinidad Scorpion Butch T


Breaking News: Trinidad Scorpion Moruga tests at over 2 million scoville units!

As of June 4 2011 the official Guinness World’s Record page has been updated and recognizes the Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” as the hottest pepper in the world.

Meet the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion chilli pepper:

Here’s a great ButchT TS taste test video(some foul language):

And another:

And another…

And one more…

These are the best Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pictures (taken by POTAWIE) I’ve seen:


Aug5 013

Sept 8 012

Butch T Trinidad Scorpion Facts and Information

– The record setting Butch T Trinidad Scorpion tested at 1,463,700 SHU (SHU = scoville heat units). The current official Guinness record holder is the Naga Viper pepper which tested at 1,382,118 scoville heat units.

– The record setting Butch T Scorpion was grown in Australia by The Chilli Factory.

The Hippy Seed Company supplied the seeds to the Chilli Factory that were used to grow the 1,463,700 SHU ButchT Trinidad Scorpions.

– The name ButchT or Butch T is after Butch Taylor. Butch is the owner of Zydeco Hot Sauce and person credited with originally discovering this strain. According to a post in this thread Butch was growing out the the Jonah strain, noticed a pod variation and saved the seed. He’s been sharing the seeds for a few years. When sending out seeds Butch would include his first name last initial (common when swapping seeds) on the seed package.

Photo by OMRI

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Seed Packs

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Seed Packs

– According to a comment in this post from Butch he originally acquired the seeds from a seed bank and they had been sent to that bank by ” “Mark” from New Jersey, he used to go by the username of Groovyone on the old gardenweb site”. Learn more about the origin of the Butch T seeds here – The Trail of the Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” Strain.

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Seeds

If you’re in to hot peppers you will at some point want to grow this fireball. Here are a few places that may have the ButchT TS seeds for sale. No guarantees and important to note I have not personally ordered seeds from any of these suppliers unless otherwise noted.

The Hippy Seed Company
Refining Fire Chiles
Super Hot Chiles
Local Harvest
– Try my Ordering Pepper Seeds search engine.
– Check the list I maintain at
– Make a post in the buy/sell pepper seeds section at and see if anyone will hook you up.

If you sell ButchT Trinidad Scorpion Chilli seeds leave a comment with your info below and I’ll add you to this list.

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Plants

Refining Fire Chiles

If you sell Trinidad Scorpion Butch T plants leave a comment with your info below and I’ll add you to this list

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Discussions

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Trinidad Scorpion Butch T and The Chilli Factory
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T – The World’s Hottest Chile Pepper Coverage
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T / Verified Hottest?
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Trinidad Scorpion Official Guinness World Records Holder at 1,463,700 SHU
Butch T it’s now official…Guinness official!!
The Trail Of the Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” Strain

Lastly here’s a link to another post here at the ThePepperSeed, The Hottest Peppers in the World. While not specially about the ButchT TS it is mentioned in the list and there are links and other related info in the comments section.

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103 Responses to The World’s Hottest Chilli Pepper – Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

  1. Jim Duffy says:

    You can get both Moruga and Butch T strain Scorpion seeds from my website Also peppers like Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah, Trinidad Douglah and Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot. Not as hot as Butch T but close!

    • stevo the great says:

      Me and my girl just drove out to pick up some plants from Jim. We got the Bhut Jolokia red & chocolate, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Butch T, Chocolate Habenero and Peter Pepper red. He had quite the amazing selection. All healthy beautiful plants. We are very pleased with Jims plants and will be returning in the future. Thanks Jim your the pepper master!

    • james says:


      THANKS chillihead james

  2. pepperseed says:

    Thanks Jim. I added your link to the post.

    It looks like the same store as the link. Is that also your store / is there some kind of affiliation?

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Yes that is my webstore that is attached to my site. It is a heck of a lot better than having a shopping cart embedded in my site. If you know anyone that wants a shopping cart system without having a shopping cart this company Auctiva is awesome. I only pay $9.95 a month plus fees on my sales which are super low and they also promote me on the web. Now they are having a no fee pricing. I think it’s $29.95 a month for a 625 Item store and that’s it no matter how much you sell. If anyone wants help on using this E Commerce store I would be happy to help them out.

  3. Jim Duffy says:

    Oh one more thing. I know people can go directly to my store. But I would rather they see my site so they can learn more about each variety by seeing information and lots of photos. This gives them an education on each variety. To me an educated consumer is a better consumer. In other words I am not out for the quick sale. But want to share all I know about the many varieties I grow. Will have plants in mid-April too.

  4. George says:

    does anyone know where you can buy scorpion butcht plants and have them shipped?

  5. ChiliPlants says:

    You can order trinidad scorpion plants from

  6. Alan D says:

    when will this officialy be the hottest pepper in the world

  7. Freddy says:

    How can I get some of these Chilis?

  8. pepperseed says:

    Alan, not sure when/if guiness will recognize it.

    Freddy, might be tough to get any fresh ones right now…you can use the links in the poast to find places that sell the seeds. If they have the seeds they may have fresh or dried pods or powders made from the Butch T.

  9. Neil says:

    Great Stuff..

    still say as always Have “The ButchT Scorp is the Hottest thing ive Ever Tried”

    Can Prove it now 🙂

    Be Excellent

    • Steve says:

      Well I can truly say that the butch t scorpion pepper is the hottest pepper I have ever eaten and I love hot peppers but this butch t scorpion pepper is very ferocious.

  10. pepperseed says:

    Thank you Neil and congratulations on helping get the Butch T recognized.

  11. Robert Stauble says:

    I am from Trinidad and I grow peppers as a hobby. My favorite is the Scorpion pepper .
    I have seen all the you tube clips of people eating the Aussie version which does actually look like the real deal. But let me tell you if someone put a whole one of my scorpions in their mouth and chewed on it he would probably die (no joking) I have seen foreign visitors who think they can eat hot peppers try my scorpions and beg for medical help.
    The difference I see in the Aussie pepper is that the skin is smoother than the true scorpion which is very bumpy.
    I woud like to get some of my seeds to these guys so that they can really start the propagation of the real Trinidad Scorpion pepper.
    I have also cross polinated the scorpion with a ordinary Scotch bonnet ( Habenero) pepper resulting in a absolutely beautiful mix of flavor and heat.
    I am just a hobby grower and only pleased to share with other pepper enthusiast
    Welcome anyb feed back

    • Sal Genusa says:

      I would love to have a few seeds, I am from Louisiana U S A , people here never get enough hot pepper. Maybe these could light them up. Please let me know how to get some of your seeds.

    • Hi Robert
      I grow a few different strains of Trinidad Scorpions and would love to add yours to my list to compare. Let me know how to contact you and if you are able to provide any. Thanks, Candice.

    • Vishan Dev says:

      Hi Robert, I’m from Trinidad too (Claxton Bay) and I would really like to get some Trinidad Scorpion seeds. Probably do some experimenting of my own with cross pollination from 7-pot, chocolate etc. But my real goal is to grow some pure Trinidad scorpions to see what kind of pepper sauce they would make. I’d like to get into contact with you to acquire some of those seeds asap. Thanks.

    • femmy says:

      email me if you have trinidad scorpion ,7 pod/trinidad 7, bhut jolokia dry pods or seeds for sale at reasonable price.I want to try to grow them in Indonesia. payment with paypal.thank you

    • Luis E Montilla says:

      Hi Robert, I’m from Venezuela and grow chili peppers as a hobby too. Once I bought a Bhut Jolokia 12 seed package from The Chile Pepper Institute, NMSU.
      Unfortunately only three of the seeds became seedlings, but some how died out later… Do you have any tips you could share with me on how to make the bed for seeds and how to water them? I wonder how I could get some of your Trinidad Scorpion chili seeds…
      Gracias y saludos

    • jade says:

      Hey Robert, I’m from Trinidad as well and would like to know where I can obtain some plants/ seeds…..Thanks

    • newton charles says:

      hi robert i am from trinidad also and im interested in growing this for commercial purposes in trinidad what do you think about that idea

    • Keith Knox says:

      What Robert Stauble says is true!! .. the only thing close to the heat of a Scorpion is Halle Berry.

    • chris says:

      Hi Robert ,
      My boyfriend asked me to email you , he is trying to get his hands on a Trinidad Scorpin plant , he loves hot things and really wants to try the real thing not the aussie version . Could you please help me with this ?

      Thanks ,

      • mike burch says:

        try calling Penny’s tomatoes and Pepper Joe….Pepper Joe has a full line of the world’s hottest peppers…just goggle him good luck…Mike b

    • arlindo oliveira monteiro says:

      Dear Robert
      I want to by you Trinidad Scorpion seeds
      It is possible?
      I am portuguese leaving in Portugal
      best regards
      arlindo monteiro

    • Zubair Ahmad says:

      Please let me know how I can get few of your real Scorpion peppers.

    • David Boos says:

      Hi Robert

      I am from Trinidad but now live in Venezuela. I too grow peppers as a hobby on my cattle ranch. I am very interested in the cross you speak off(Scorpion/Scotch bonnet) and will love to get a few seeds to try. If the results do produce a milder but more flavoufull pepper it would make me happy. as I dont see the point in producing a pepper so hot it can not be enojoyed. I look forward to hearing from you

    • Michael Sampson says:

      Hi Robert,

      I would like to grow a few of these peppers for my garden. Especially the cross that you speak of.

      Best regards,

  12. Noel says:

    Is there anywhere online where I can buy just “one” butch t Trinidad scorpion chili pepper plant?


  13. pepperseed says:

    Robert, thanks for stopping b y and thanks for the comment. The Butch T scorps are the real deal – all the people eating them in the videos posted here are what I would call professional hot pepper eaters:-) They have all made multiple videos and sampled a number of the world’s hottest peppers. These are not people that would consider jalapenos as a “hot pepper” 🙂 I would love to grow your scorpions though…any chance I could get some seeds?

    Noel, not that I have been able to find. It’s getting to be that time of year though when lots of people will be planting out. You could try looking on sites like Craigslist or maybe posting in the marketplace section of and see if anyone has one for sale. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. TriniGirl says:

    It’s funny these plants grow all over the place in Trinidad, you guys should try peppersauce village, I send the homemade peppersauce with my mom when she comes to visit and when her friends in the US try it. It burns when it goes in and when it comes out, that’s what I’ven been told. So beware and make sure you have some milk and rice near if it’s your first time

  15. senny79 says:

    I read purple naga just tested at 1,581,800 shu

  16. Liu says:

    I would try it !

  17. I’m in Australia and will have Trinidad Scorpion plants available again next season along with Bhut Jolokia and a few others. In the mean time seeds are still available.

    • pepperseed says:

      Hi, are the scorpions on your site the butch t variety? If so I’ll update the list in the original post to include you. Thanks!

  18. Thomas Dixon says:

    does anybody have any freezedried or oven roasted scorpions for sale

  19. eddie c says:

    thanks ya’ll. after all this info i have ordered a bunch of these seeds. thought i could eat about ant pepper in the world but these little suckers are the BOMB. can’t wait to grow my own. (boy do i have a surprise for my brother in law)

  20. Dakota says:

    Does anyone know if there is a commercial source for dried, ground, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T peppers?

  21. Kimihia Simpson says:

    congdulations guys on ur chillies… Just added you to my likes on FB…. keep up the good work…

  22. nick says:

    I think I just died

  23. jay sheldon says:

    I need 1000 strong healthy bhut jolokia(ghost pepper) seed

  24. John T says:

    send me a website where I can buy this pepper in Toronto.

  25. larry smith says:

    I’m worried that my butch t’s won’t have time to mature. They are two and a half inches wide and still very much green. If worse comes to worse, is there any reason why I could not dry them while they are not completely ripe? I hate to lose them due to the fact I did not plant them soon enough.Any suggested use for dry Butch T’s would be appreciated.

  26. pepperseed says:

    Larry if the plants are in pots you could always bring them inside and let them ripen there if it gets too cold. What part of the country do you live in? I think dried unripened Butch T’s wouldn’t be good for much…probably light on the heat and “green” tasting.

    • larry smith says:

      I live in Maryland. I have tons of peppers on the 4 plants but they are all green. What special lighting would I need to grow them inside? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have lots of habaneros that are ripe and a couple of the habaneros actually look like butch t’s. Could they have cross bred on their own?

      • pepperseed says:

        Do you have any pictures of the plants? If they are close to rip you should just be able to set them by window/patio door and let them ripen. All depends on how close they are to being rip right now.

  27. Amanda says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a beginner and has interest to grow chillies from around the world. Just wondering if you know where to get Indonesian chillies (e.g. Cabe Rawit).

  28. Mahendra Mookram says:

    I am a farmer and would like to purchase some seed. please assist




  30. J.D. says:

    Hay people!, I recently tried these and have found thick juicey cucumbers will counter the heat, though I was still deciding wether or not to go to the hospital =O

  31. enmart1234 says:


  32. sandro filizzola perira says:

    gosTrinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor”taria de saber como fazer para conseguir algumas destas sementes da pimenta

  33. albuu says:

    cant seem to find anyone who has info on what kind of nutes to feed these guys, temperature for growing, ect. im growing indoors and can control heat and humidity.

  34. Ian Gomes says:

    Bigs (Nigel) gave me some seeds from you and i recently got some. I have about 20 scorpion seedlings and two Bhuts coming. What you said is true. Any human trying to eat a whole one WILL end up in hospital and will have to be on life support. i also like hot perrpers and grow them as a hobby but not as many as you. (so bigs says). Any way thanks for giving bigs the seeds for me.

  35. pepperseed says:

    Ian…not sure who Bigs is. You must have me confused with someone else.

  36. Preston says:

    Hi, I’m currently growing my Butch T peppers, of the 12 seeds I planted only 1 grew in solid. That being said its rough 15-18 inches tall, I’m currently growing it inside, with artificial light since setting it by a window in January in northern Michigan probably isn’t good for it. However, the bottom few leaves are falling off, is that normal? Any other growing tips would be greatly appreciated!

  37. jbraincis says:

    I am most curious about this chilli, I’m in S.A. and my own cooking specialities are hindu curries, I beleive I can whip up a sauce or curry with this beastie that may double the fire-power, and cook up a simple effective rapid antidote as a follow up, but that’s my culinary secret for now!
    Spices are extremely versatile when you know how to use & combine them.

  38. pepperseed says:


    Yea that’s totally normal, don’t worry about it.

    jbraincis…I hear ya’. Pretty much everything I ever cook has some HEAT included 🙂

    • jbraincis says:

      One simple secret to relief from the burn is a basic Kachoomer; a while back I made some potato curry with a few Thai green chillies & a whole bunch of other spices, my wife couldn’t finish hers, she said it was the hottest ever, so I took the rest to work the following day, cooked it for 8 minutes in the microwave and gave half to a colleague, by then it was only half as potent as the day before, but my friend has experience with Habaneros, he said it was the hottest he has ever tasted & asked me for the secret.
      He sweated for a full half hour though, before the neutraliser kicked in.

  39. Ian Gomes says:

    Sorry pepperseed. That comment was directed to Robert Stauble. See comment above dd. 4/15/11. That’s where i got my scorpion seeds. Again my apologies.

  40. Jamie Gaarsland says:

    Hello, Does anyone know of any free Craigs’list books for a noobie? Warm regards

  41. Idiots says:

    e Bay it’s simple. Seeds, ghost chilies to mega death sauce.

  42. David says:

    Please send me an email when the chili’s are ready ! Thank You !

  43. John says:

    I bought some Tridad Scorpian Butch T seeds off Ebay so I hope. Is there any way to kind of distinquish from a seedling if they are Butch Ts. Out of 10 seeds 8 are growing, but 5 of them look different from the other 3 seedlings. And if I am growing other hot pepper plants near them will they cross polinate and mess things up. In the future I will be more carefull as where to order seeds. I am in south Florida growing plants outside.


    • pepperseed says:

      Hi John,

      No, there’s no way to tell what kind of pepper you’re growing when it’s just a seedling. Odds are until it actually sets fruit you won’t know if it’s a Butch T.

  44. Darren says:

    The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T is a different pepper to the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.
    The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is the worlds hottest chili now.
    the previous hottest was the Naga Bhut Jolokia pepper.
    I’m not sure where the Butch T ranks now.
    Unless I have misunderstood the title of this post?

  45. BarryBertolet says:

    Can I grow just one moruga pepper of must I do at least two for polination? I am growing indoors (northeast us). How do you polinate them if they are not self polinating? Thanks

  46. BarryBertolet says:

    Thanks for the information, greatly appreciated.

  47. mike burch says:

    pepper joes has thr butch t trinidad scorpion,.naga morich,7 pod/7pot.trinidad scorpion,ghost pepper ( bhut jolokia ),giant ghost pepper (bhut jolokia ),yellow bhut jolokia,as well as habanero varieties.check him out at http://www.Pepper thr butch tested out at 1,450,000 Scovial units…a NEW WORLD RECORD ACCORDING TO Guinness Book of worlds Records

    • pepperseed says:

      Hey Mike, the moruga record (although not yet confirmed by guinness) is the new one, the Butch T is the record that got beat.

  48. Pepper Joe says:

    The Morouga isn’t going to go through the Guiness process. So as it stands right now, the Hottest Pepper in the world is still the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion if you go by the Guiness book of worlds records. I lot of folks think the Brain Strain is the hottest…
    I don’t think it’s all about heat though. The Ghost Pepper and Bhut Jolokia are still my customers favorite due to taste, ease of growing and the prolific crop that you get.
    That address Mike Burch left for me up above doesn’t go to my website. The correct link is

    • mike burch says:

      Thanks Pepper Joe,i am sorry i posted the wrong address.still kinda new to this computer,and facebook,i will get better at it.when i saw those articles(?) about the hottest peppers and those inquiries about where to buy ,i hope you did not mind if i recommended you….mike burch

  49. Pepper Joe says:

    Hey Pepperseed, You can also list me as a Seed Vendor that has the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion.
    I also have the Moruga Pepper and will have seeds for the HP22B. Some folks say ‘enough’ with the next worlds hottest…but the publicity and hype that they get is helping our Pepper Industry. The buzz creates more interest in peppers so it’s all good. Personally, I think it’s more about taste and growing capability. All of the SuperHots have a distinct plant growth, flavor and nutritional profile. The SuperHots come in some really cool shapes and sizes also. So I think ther is room for all of them.
    But let our customers decide that.
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

  50. Pepper Joe says:

    BIG NEWS…ther is now a NEW Sheriff in town….the ‘Carolina Reaper’ or ‘HP22B’ Hot Pepper as per teh 8/27/12 Press Releases. It tested with an AVERAGE SHU of 1,474,000 at teh Winthrop University in SC. . The high/Low spread id only 200,000 units difference….meaning you can duplicate these heat results about anywhere. All of the previous Champs had a much wider high/Low spread. It’s available ONLY at PuckerButts and Pepper Joe’s at

  51. Calcat36 says:

    Is there no website that is not plagued by the hype of the HP22B?

  52. jade says:


  53. The devil says:

    I eat Trinidad scorpion butch T like they were bell peppers. I will take down any challenge out there, email the devil

  54. Scott says:

    Hey did it ever cross your mind that Chilli is an additive…Not some show of how much a man you are ..and by the way you fail..cute lady owned you both in keeping her cool..please in future could u supply something worthwhile on chilli consumption……….Heat addict here and looked at you and the nerd glasses suit you……………………

  55. John says:

    We have about 40 Butch T plants growing at the moment in sunny North Wales 🙂

  56. Frank says:

    I’m so glad I found this site, it sounds like you have what I will need to grow my own peppers. Thanks.

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  60. jam dinding says:

    Hey there! I’ve been readingg your log for a while noww and finally got the courage
    to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Canney Texas!

    Just wanted to say keep up the good job!

  61. What’s up аll, herᥱ every person is sharing these kinds of know-how, so іt’s pleasant
    to read this weƄlog, and I used to visit this web site evᥱryday.

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