The Purple Bhut Jolokia – Buyer Beware

Does not exist!

Ok, to be fair a pepper does exist that is a called a purple bhut jolokia but in my opinion someone just named it a bhut jolokia so they could sell seeds.

1. It’s nowhere near as hot a bhut jolokia. Nowhere.

2. It doesn’t look a bhut jolokia, at all. Here’s a shot of some of my red bhut jolokias:
red bhut jolokia

And here’s a shot of the “purple” bhut jolokia:

3. The pods do turn purple but ripen to red. Here’s a shot of a purple bhut plant that clearly shows red pods on the plant:

No offense to anyone growing this pepper, from what I hear it’s a decent tasting pepper and the plants produce well. I’m just not sold on the name…it’s not a bhut and dos not finish to purple so should not be called a purple bhut. I believe the earliest mentions of this pepper were in mid 2010 from a user at TheHotPepper names JSKaiser. He’s been banned from the site for awhile and if memory is correct didn’t do right by a lot of folks in the pepper growing community and in general has a terrible reputation.

So there you have it. People can call peppers whatever they want but this is one of the cases where the name is completely misleading. I for one will not grow this pepper nor will I acknowledge that a true purple bhut jolokia even exists!

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  1. Ed Horgan says:

    I bought my ghosts from the nursery up the street from me along with my other hots and one of the plants in the six pack was one of these purple ghost/whatevers your talking about.
    The plant itself resembles the other ghosts in the pack except the stems have a definite ate purple cast to them.
    The peppers do turn from green then purple to red but aren’t nearly as wrinkled and knobby as the regular ghosts from the same pack.
    They are pretty dang hot though.
    Thanks for the info cause this was a bit of a mystery to me. 🙂

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