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The pepper search engine uses Google custom search. The pepper search engine only searches certain pages and sites so generally speaking you will get better results using pepper search than you will using Google if you’re looking for pepper related information. Even the results on pages 2, 3, 4 and beyond should still be highly relevant to your query.

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Pepper Search FAQ

Q: Why did you make a pepper search engine?
A: Growing hot peppers is a hobby of mine and I found that more often than not the best hot pepper related content was not easily found in Google. By limiting what gets in the pepper search engine I eliminated all of the “noise” and can find higher quality pepper related information faster. I’m adding new pages and sites all the time as I find them.

Q: How does the search engine rank the results it returns?
A: The same way Google does. I am not adjusting any of the results.

Q: Sometimes I get the same site in the results multiple times, why?
A: This will happen less and less as I add more sites and pages to the search engine.

Q: Should I search the same way I do on Google?
A: You can although since this search engine is pepper specific you can get away with more generic terms. For example, compare the results for a search for “soil” on pepper search and on Google: soil on pepper search | soil on Google.

Q: Where is the pepper search engine?
A: Here.

Q: I have a question about pepper search, how can I get in touch with you?
A: You can ask questions in the comments. No spam please.

Q: How can I add my site to the pepper search engine or suggest a site that I don’t own?
A: Email with the subject line Site For Pepper Search. If that’s not in the subject line I’ll never see the email.

Q: I emailed you, will you let me know when you include my site?
A: No. The best way to see if your site is included in the the pepper search engine is to search for it by name using the pepper search engine.

Q: Can I leave in the link in the comments to a site or page you should add?
A: Sure…although if the site is at all commercial in nature odds are strong I will not approve the comment and wont add the site to pepper search. Nothing personal just don’t have the time to filter through the spam.

Q: Can I pay you to add my site to the pepper search engine?
A: No. I use the search engine personally and only want it to include the highest quality information. If a site or page meets that criteria I will add it, if it does not I will not.

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