The Carolina Reaper aka HP22B Pepper

According to recent comments by Pepper Joe the Carolina Reaper, also known as the HP22B, will be announced via press releases on Labor Day 2012. The Carolina Reaper was grown / created by Ed Currie.

Carolina Reaper seeds
will go on sale that day and according to Joe Puckerbutt Pepper Company and Pepper Joe’s will be the exclusive seed vendors.

Since news of the Carolina Reaper (named via a contest) first broke there have been some interesting discussions, skepticism and disagreements. Everything from testing methods to lineage has been questioned and the scrutiny was heightened given the timing of some of the discussions was right on the heels on the moruga scorpion claiming to have set new heat records.

Since I last posted about the Carolina Reaper / HP22B a few other people have given them a try.

Lastly, here are links to other articles and discussions about the Carolina Reaper / HP22B pepper. Enjoy!

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20 Responses to The Carolina Reaper aka HP22B Pepper

  1. Pepper Joe says:

    To get placed on our Email Notification list just put “HP22B” in the Subj. line and email or and we’ll let you know as soon as the Carolina Reaper is in our Shopping Cart and ready to ship.
    Thaks for your interest.
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

  2. Ted Barrus says:

    If people want seeds they should CONTACT ED HIMSELF

  3. Pepper Joe says:

    Carolina Reaper seeds are also now being sold at
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

  4. pepperseed says:

    Hi everyone, Ed was kind enough to send me some of carolina reaper peppers (picture above in post) + some other goodies. I don’t eat whole pods (ruins me for days) but did eat about 1/3 of a pod in small pieces over the course of the afternoon / evening. I though the reapers had a very pleasant taste that lingered even after the heat (there was a lot of it!) had passed. Since I like the flavor this one will make it into my garden next year…no matter how hot I won’t grow peppers I don’t like 🙂

    Thanks again for the care package Ed and best of luck with upcoming press release. The Carolina Reaper pepper is an all around winner in my opinion.

    • nick says:

      Can you help me with how I go about to purchasing these peppers fresh? Me and friends have a challenge Going on eating these I recently purchased the dried Trinidad Scorpion pepper we all done that and I’ve heard the fresh are 10× hotter but can’t find anyone to help me get my hands on them so if you can please contact me with any info thanks

  5. Pepper Joe says:

    Thanks for the review Jeremy. I couldn’t agree more. We should market this as teh “most delicious Pepper in the World” instead of the Worlds Hottest. LOL.
    Pepper Joe

  6. Redneck Chili head says:

    I would be willing to video my eating of a carolina reaper if I could get my hands on one, I can only hope some sites are selling pods soon.


  7. valeri mullins says:

    I hope to get some seeds, I’m willing to video myself eating a bite. We eat habs like candy. There is more to a pepper than the heat! I hope to have some growing in our garden next year.

  8. Pepper Joe says:

    Rednick CH, email me yuor address and I’ll see what I can do if you’ll put the Reaper on YouTube.

  9. Pepper Joe says:

    Carolina Reaper now recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the Worlds Hottest Pepper as of 11/14/13.
    1,569,000 Scoville Heat Units AVG…..and the high number with testing is 2.2 Million SHU.

    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

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