The 7 Pot/Pod Brain Strain

2011 was the first season I’ve grown the 7 pot brain strain pepper. I even messed around with growing it in a DWC setup in the winter months of 2010/2011. I received my seeds from Cappy AKA Pepper Ridge Farm in 2010. They were from his “mother plant”. I tried my first brain strain this year. I’m not eating whole peppers, my body knows better. I did take a nice sized bite though and the next day here’s what I wrote:

“Speaking of the brain strain last night my neighbor and I sampled the 7 Pod Jonah, T Scorp Morouga and the 7 Pod Brain Strain. The Jonah was mine and the T scorp and Brain Strain were from his gardens. His plants are are from the original PepperRidgeFarm seeds, I gave them to earlier this year because I was out of space. The Jonah had a nice heat level. Hot, but I didn’t think it was bhut jolokia level heat. The Morouga was a serious step up and felt like someone punched me in the lips. 1/2 hour later we sampled the BS and h*** f****** s*** it was like someone poured a cup of lava down my throat. Serious burn – hands down the hottest pepper I have ever had in my life. I had some of AJ’s scorps this year and they were not even close to the heat level of the brain. Not saying it’s the hottest pepper out there but it’s by far the hottest pepper I have ever tasted.”

Here’s a review from Tony AKA BigT from back in 2009:

“Everything Cappy said is true! I thought he might have been exaggerating about the heat but he wasn’t. (Sorry I doubted you buddy!) My method of comparison is always the same, stick it in a can of tuna with a little mayo and onion to make it tolerable, enjoy and note results. I just had half of one of my Fatabanero’s (a cross of Fatalii & Habanero) a few days ago and that lit me up pretty good. Then yesterday, I had one fourth of a large Bhut (over 3 inches) and that didn’t do much damage at all, very pleasant, good heat and great flavor. Hardly broke a sweat. The Cappy 7 Pot “brain strain” doesn’t have the flavor of the Bhut IMO, but for heat, no comparison. I had one fourth of this little monster pictured below and it crushed me. Mouth on fire for 20 minutes. Profuse forehead sweat. Burn going all the way down the esophagus and into the stomach. An hour later, noticeable stomach burn and then, shortly thereafter, the exit strategy commenced with predictable destruction. All that from eating just 1/4th! I’m not a newbie, I’ve been eating hot peppers for many years. That’s it, if there is a hotter pepper on the planet than this, I want nothing to do with it. “

Learn more about the 7 pod brain strain in the following sections of this post.

History of the 7 Pod Brain Strain

Where did the name “brain strain” come from?
Brain strain is the name give by this thread to this lineage of 7 Pod that I am growing and shared by me to numerous members of this site ( I did not name it that just what people refer to it as. This seed came from Sara a couple years ago when this pepper was first introduced to this site. Link

I’ve done some more research and the source of my 7 Pod seed is from Trinhottie 2 seasons ago. I’m just passing along what I know so those of you who grow this seed will also know. Link

Here’s one of the earlier threads that talks about the brain strain and includes a lot of great pictures: Link

7 Pod Brain Strain Videos

Pictures of the 7 Pod Brain Strain

7 pod brain strain

7 pod brain strain

7 pod brain strain

7 pod brain strain

7 pod brain strain

7 Pod Brain Strain Seeds

The best place to find the 7 pot brain strain seeds is straight from the source, BrAin sTrAiN 7. You can also try pepper/seed marketplace.

7 Pod Brain Strain Peppers

The best place to find fresh 7 pot brain strain peppers is at pepper/seed marketplace.

You might be able to find some 7 pot brain strain powder in the powders & seasoning section of the

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