Pepper Joe Claims a New Hottest Pepper is Coming

According to a post by Pepper Joe he knows a few people that are planning to unveil the world’s hottest pepper in two weeks. If true that would be a fairly significant event seeing that the initial Moruga Scorpion test results were just published and as of yet they have not been officially recognized by Guinness. As of the date of this post (2.24.2012) Guinness still recognizes the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion as the world’s hottest pepper.

Joe’s making a few other interesting claims as well:

1. 50+ pounds of hot peppers have been tested.
2. Tests have taken place over a 5 year period
3. Most of the “Trinidad” peppers actually originated in China (DNA tests will prove it)
4. There’s already an application pending with Guinness (it can be $30,000+ to get in?)
5. The person who is claiming to have the world’s next hottest pepper also claims to have created 600 varieties of peppers!

My money’s on the douglah being the next record setting pepper but if they guys Joe has been talking with are on the up and up we could be in for a surprise.

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64 Responses to Pepper Joe Claims a New Hottest Pepper is Coming

  1. Mattydeakin says:


    I think Jim was referring to SpicyFoodDenver for his remarks toward me.

    Anyway, I come from a chilli head background and culture where if anyone wants seeds, we swap, we don’t charge eachother $10 for the privilege. It just annoys me. People are dumb, they are willing to pay that. Yes that’s upto them. I’ve got inside knowledge on how much it costs to make a bottle of hot sauce, even made with superhots. So when I see the prices in some of the stores for sauces carrying the label “world’s hottest” I can’t help but feel people are being exploited. Ultimately, that is why you are trying to gain “world’s hottest” title. For $$$$$.

    • pepperseed says:

      What’s wrong with people making $$$? I swear it seems like there’s a segment of the pepper world that thinks everything should be free and anyone making a dollar is somehow a bad guy.

      Have to say I agree with the previous comment, no one’s forcing anyone to buy anything so I don’t see how anyone is being exploited. Would also say that $10 for pack of pack of seeds is a great deal. What other hobby can you spend $10 on something on get months of enjoyment from growing & eating + get to save seeds for the next time around and do it all over?

      All that said…to each their own. This is a just a hobby for me so I don’t have any skin in the game so to speak. I just think it’s cool that people keep pushing things to the next level with the peppers they grow. I see valid points on all sides and wish everyone – sellers and growers – the best.

    • Pepper Joe says:

      Swaping seeds Bud??
      do you think there is ANY type of quality control in that?
      There are horror stories all over the chilehead forums…like getting Cayennes of Jalapenos for the SuperHots.
      There is an old saying Matty “You get what you pay for”.
      I have many thousands of satisfied return customers that got EXACTLY what they pay for.
      But agian, respectfully, “To each their own”.
      Pepper Joe

  2. Jim Duffy says:

    Yes Joe you Palooka read what I wrote. Was referring to Denvers comments to Matt.

    • Pepper Joe says:

      My Mama always taught me “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.
      So I’ll let one go.
      Besides, your day in the sun has been long gone.

  3. Mattydeakin says:

    This is going a bit off tangent. My original point was “What is the point of trying to solely claim the title of World’s Hottest Pepper?” because the whole thing is quickly becoming a bit of a farce in the pepper industry.

    • Pepper Joe says:

      I agree Matty. It’s more about growing a SuperHot that isa tasty and flavorful and packed with nutrition….and ease of growing is a big factor too.
      The Carolina Reaper, aka HP22B hasa all of those qualities and more.
      Fiery Regards,
      Pepper Joe

  4. Mattydeakin says:

    So is this so called “Carolina Reaper” a crossed pepper strain you’ve created? If so, a cross with what?

  5. Mattydeakin says:

    So no lineage has ever been disclosed. Hmmmm haha

  6. Mattydeakin says:

    Just noticed threads on THP. Looks like I’m not the only hobby grower with the my opinions….

  7. I ‘d like to chime in here. I am not an expert, but I am a chile-head, a grower, a chile blogger and I teach gardening to special education students. I’ve even been blocked from Pepper Joe’s Facebook account for advertising my chile blog posts on his wall (understandable, even though i often bragged of his seeds’ incredible germination rates).
    Pepper Joe is the reason I got into chiles (years ago). Pepper Joe’s business does well because he never stops promoting and he makes it clear that he loves peppers. This may sound silly but I think Pepper Joe is a true American because he found something he loves, he’s good at, and he’s passionate about. He took that passion and made a successful business out of it. He doesn’t offer hundreds of varieties on his site, he offers his favorites and the chiles his customers request most.
    Obviously, we’ve all noticed him amping up his presence on many blogs and message boards lately, but he’s clearly excited about introducing a new world record holder and yes, making some money. If I was in his position, I hope I would be smart enough to do the same).
    When I see Pepper Joe and his (gorgeous) wife, Penny in those silly videos and pics, I get inspired to follow my own passion, to have fun with my work and to not care about those people who are probably just jealous that they aren’t able to make a successful living doing what they love (with the person they love).
    Keep it up Pepper Joe, and Thanks for inspiring me. I now grow over 30 varieties of chiles and I even have my neighbor growing another dozen just so I can sample!
    Congrats on the reaper and continued success.

  8. Mattydeakin says:

    Brown nosing at its finest.

    • trolling at its finest.
      Did you actually say….
      “I have inside knowledge on how much it costs to make a bottle of hot sauce”
      I cannot put into words how jealous we are of your inside knowledge, you’re like a true chile insider. How could you ever come across such hidden knowledge? haha.
      Why don’t you get some inside knowledge on how consumerism works.

      There is no advantage for me to say nice things about Pepper Joe. I don’t even buy seeds from him anymore, I just think you guys are hating on someone trying to make a living and I’ll give my opinion just as you do.

      As you said yourself “It just annoys me. People are dumb, they are willing to pay that.” I suggest not wasting your time and energy hating on what other people do. The good news is that I used my “inside knowledge” and found out that the pepper seed companies don’t give a crap that this annoys you.

    • pepperseed says:

      That seems a little harsh. I don’t see what PepperMeister stands to gain by “brown nosing” pepper joe. Seems to me to be an honest opinion from a fellow pepper grower…much of which I would agree with.

      Matt, you said your original point was “What is the point of trying to solely claim the title of World’s Hottest Pepper?”. To that I would say what’s the point of trying to win the world series or super bowl? Why all the effort to get gold at the Olympics? Why do people try hard at work to get promoted?

      Many people strive to be the best or do the best at what they love or are passionate about and others are just extremely competitive. Let’s not forget $, it’s a great motivator as well. I’ve never met or spoke in person to Pepper Joe, Jim Duffy, Ed Currie or any other industry guys but I can tell from they write and how intense they can be that they are all passionate about what they do. Do they want to make some money…of course and I applaud them for that. I love capitalism and applaud those who take advantage of the opportunity they have to participate in a society built around capitalism.

      I guess in closing I would say have some fun with it. For 99% of us this is hobby that costs us more than we will ever make. The industry guys like Joe and Jim probably spent years losing money while they built a business and reputation. I for one am happy for them and am glad that they get a chance to get a little back with sales of the world’s hottest peppers and seeds. I think they all deserve it.

      If there’s something that turns you off about Joe, Jim or Ed just ignore them. It’s not like they will come to your house to force you to buy seeds or sell your peppers for a profit 😉

      • Jim Duffy says:

        Matt there will always be a need for seed sellers because many traders are unreliable. I see the grow lists of hobbyists on forums and blogs and know the possibility of cross-pollination is extreme. So a seller like me that grows his own and spends thousands to isolate varieties to avoid cross-pollination is a necessity. To my knowledge I am the only seller on the web that shows photo proof of my isolation areas. Is isolation 100% perfect. No! Is Food safety procedures 100% No! Nothing is 100% But when you run a business you do your best to ensure quality to lower the percentage of mistakes or quality errors. Pepper Joe and I are both examples of Capitalism and Entrepreneurs.
        And thats where the similarity ends. I dont have to hype myself with constant posts to blogs or make up lies. I laughed years ago when I saw Joe’s site mention major U.S. newspapers applaud him. Where was the proof of this? His website looks like someone drew it with crayons. May I ask if hes such a grower and pepper expert then where are the many photos of his peppers and plants proving that he grows them. Oh yeah he says he has a group of growers growing for him in multiple states. Really I beg to differ. He contacted me numerous times for quantity of 10,000-20,000 Butch T Scorpion seeds. Later on he wanted Moruga seeds. Joe trolls the blogs and forums looking for gardeners who want to offload some of their peppers. I am not saying myself or other seed sellers don’t from time to time buy wholesale from a large seed company as I do for a few cheaper varieties. But the bulk of Joe’s business is re-selling. Thats why many of his Chinense varieties have poor germination rates. I have sat back the last few months and let Joe make smart ass comments about me on blogs, forums and his Facebook page. He has even stolen my Moruga photos!! Joe where are all your growing pictures??? I have over 1,000 on my site! Wheres proof of your isolation? I have proof! I am not a Clown trying to compete with you for Internet seed sales Joe. Your really dumb if you think I worry about you as competition. You brag about sending out over 40,000 newsletters and then I get some of your customers and they say they have gotten no newsletter since 2010! I respect Ed Currie because he is a real grower and a man of ethics. I do not respect you Joe. Because you will hype or over exaggerate something so you can make a buck off the ignorant chile hobbyist. Like the Giant Bhut Jolokia. My ass! A good strain of Bhut will grow large. But you give it a new name to sell more. Cmon Joe come at me again with your petty insults. Telling me my time is over. If a new pepper gets the record I will grow it so how will my time be over?? I dont care about hype. I give away about 30% of my money to people in need. I dont give a shit if I have the Hottest pepper. What I care about is running a successful business in an ethical manner and making more money to help others. People on here should got to my website and your website and compare who we both are. Compare how much we educate and inform our customers. And compare our values. I think they will see that I may sell seeds like you but thats where the similarity ends.

  9. “What I care about is running a successful business in an ethical manner and making more money to help others.” you forgot to mention that you seem to care a great deal about every move Pepper Joe makes, haha!

    Jim, I have been to your site, it’s nice.
    That being said, if I asked 10 chileheads about you, I would bet very few would know who you are. If I asked 10 chileheads about Pepper Joe, whether for good or bad, the majority will know him. I think you know this too, which is why you seem to be so angry that despite your effort to prove your isolation methods, Pepper Joe still does better. To be honest, I’ve been growing chiles for years now, and I only recognize your site as a blip on my radar. I just wanted to make sure you understand how a hobby grower sees this issue. This is not meant to attack your site, like I said, it looks nice. I’m just not sure how obsessing over Pepper Joe is going to help you sell seeds?

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Peppermeister, Joe has been around longer. He is a re-seller not a grower. I do not obsess over him. When he used his Facebook page to attack me it brought me more customers. My plant sales doubled the week he stupidly put up a link to my site to slander me but it ended up getting me more customers. How do you know he does better?? He offers no proof? And you say he is well known? By who? I am friends with most of the top spicy product makers in this country. They know me, they know Neal and they even know Gerald Fowler of U.K Chilli seeds. They dont even know who Joe is.
      I have contacts with CARDI (Caribbean Agricultural Research Development Institute) and I am on the Advisory Board of Chile Pepper Institute and NMSU. You actually think I care about Joes impact on my business?? He may have started a few years before me but thats about it. Anyways it seems like your his number #1 Fan. Joe started talking crap about me after i questioned his involvement before about this new pepper. All any of us got were hype and vague answers. Joe also dislikes me because I will not sell him quantity of seeds. If he is so much bigger than me then why has he approached me and some of my friends to buy quantity of seeds???? You would think someone in this business longer than me would know the pulse of the chile community and not be surprised about all these new varieties and then have to scramble to buy them from others?? Why did he steal my photos if he grows the peppers??

  10. “I am friends with most of the top spicy product makers in this country.”
    that’s wonderful! Do you think customers care about that?
    Perhaps you should spend more time having positive customer interactions and less time worrying about your competition. (Seriously, making fun of the guy’s site design?)
    If you’re really not sure why Pepper Joe buys seeds from others, It’s probably because he has customers that want those seeds. I can send you a link about how supply and demand works if you’d like.
    I am aware of the issues with the photos that pepper joe uses, Obviously if anyone is making money using someone else’s pics, that’s not right.
    Like I said, I don’t buy seeds from anyone, so I have no allegiances here.

    FYI, be careful it took me about 10 seconds to find negative feedback about your seeds, and info about your penchant for trolling message boards under alias handles.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Mr Peppermeister you can find negatives about anyone in the seed business in about 10 seconds. As far as alias goes I registered for gardenweb numerous times almost 4 yrs ago because i was having difficulty with the site so thats why I had a few names on there. If you dig deeper you will find posts where I explain this and I do not use the Gardenweb since then. I dont hide anything from anyone. If I am proven wrong on something I will come out and admit it publicly. I would not have came out and said anything about Joe today but he made it a mission a month ago to slander me on numerous forums and his FaceBook page. At that time I was very quiet and ignored him. I do not claim to be perfect and I will make mistakes in my business as people that work for me will mislabel seed packets, put wrong plant tags on etc. Everyone knows I will go double and triple the effort to make things right for a customer. Even if I do that I will still get negative comments. One of the hardest venues to sell seeds on is E Bay. Even though I dont sell a lot on there I went 3 yrs without any negative feedback and only after that got Negative feedback from foreign customers whos orders got lost in their Postal System. So after awhile I stopped doing International sales. I dont think there are any seed vendors (not corporate seed companies) that do what I do to maintain Isolation. I may contract out to growers to make produce for me but prefer to be in charge of all seeds except a few varieties I get from a few Farm suppliers. When one buys from others, like Joe does he cannot control quality. Drying methods etc. are out of his control. I have never heard of Joe ripping anyone off. I am not going to go into why he has lost customers to me. I have said what I have said in rebuttal to the last few months of crap he has given me. I am now finished. If Ed gets a record Pepper good for him. If Ed and Joe make money on it good for both of them. If it turns out to be a good tasty pepper then good for all of us! If Joe slanders me again or uses my Copyrighted photos without my permission again I will take appropriate action. If he does not say anything publicly about me again I will refrain from saying anything about him. For Youth Venture Donations go to You may get a re-direct to Church website for giving. If you do make sure your Donation is set up for Youth Venture. You have a nice Blog by the way!

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