Pepper Joe Claims a New Hottest Pepper is Coming

According to a post by Pepper Joe he knows a few people that are planning to unveil the world’s hottest pepper in two weeks. If true that would be a fairly significant event seeing that the initial Moruga Scorpion test results were just published and as of yet they have not been officially recognized by Guinness. As of the date of this post (2.24.2012) Guinness still recognizes the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion as the world’s hottest pepper.

Joe’s making a few other interesting claims as well:

1. 50+ pounds of hot peppers have been tested.
2. Tests have taken place over a 5 year period
3. Most of the “Trinidad” peppers actually originated in China (DNA tests will prove it)
4. There’s already an application pending with Guinness (it can be $30,000+ to get in?)
5. The person who is claiming to have the world’s next hottest pepper also claims to have created 600 varieties of peppers!

My money’s on the douglah being the next record setting pepper but if they guys Joe has been talking with are on the up and up we could be in for a surprise.

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64 Responses to Pepper Joe Claims a New Hottest Pepper is Coming

  1. Jim Duffy says:

    I really had to think awhile before posting a comment here. First of all is really who am I?? I mean what are my motives for responding here? Some of you might say I am worried about the CPI study. Lets look at the CPI study. The leading educational and agricultural authority on Chile peppers just finished an 11 month study. They verified their findings with two other labs. Last three champs never verified any findings. Yet I see more controversy over the Moruga Scorpion than the previous 3 records. Now I ask this question of all of you. Do you know the Guinness Requirements for “Hottest Pepper” or Hottest Spice”. Answer is you don’t. I have a copy of the PDF on my computer. Do any of you know the procedures for HPLC testing?? Probably not! I have had peppers tested by Marlin Bensinger for two years and he is a Capsaicin scientist. One might say America’s best. So who am I ? Well I am not someone talking out my butt. I am not just a seed seller.
    Now Pepper Joe has probably been growing peppers longer than me. And he is a good guy as well. But when we start to talk about the Industry whether it be produce industry, spice industry, capsaicin testing then I question his qualifications. And for good reason. I am all about science and facts so what was published on this blog is so silly I would not publish it at all. But it’s too late. So now I will give my opinion on it.

    First 50 pounds of peppers were tested. Okay why? You need a few grams for a test. Unless of course you want to run so many tests until you get that one spike and can say you have the hottest pepper. Now we look at item number two. Tests were over a 5 year period. This does not make sense because data over a 5 year period will only give you an average. Because no two seasons will be identical. Unless of course your doing all kinds of stuff to make a pepper hotter. The Institute just grew their peppers in a clay field with regular nutrients just like a green chile. Now lets get to the real dumb statement.

    Trinidad peppers are from China and DNA will prove it. Sorry, DNA has no GPS so DNA cannot prove where a pepper comes from. Here is a true fact about Capsicum chinense genus “Named as in a plant “from China”. This is incorrect though; like all Capsicum species, it originated in the New World, however, the Dutch physician, Nikolaus von Jacquin, who named this species in 1776, got his seed from the Caribbean while collecting on behalf of Emperor Francis I, and thought that they had originated from China.” So this is where the idea about China came from. Now we look at statement number 4. It can cost $30,000 to get in application for Guinness!! False again. It is a few hundred dollars. If you want to fast track your application it is a few hundred more. If you want someone to fly over to the U.S. you pay them expenses plus wages. A few thousand dollars but not $30,000!! Now I examine statement #5. The guy going for the record has created over 600 pepper varieties!! Really!! It takes 7 generations whether it’s Squash or peppers to create a stable new variety. If someone could make a few hundred new varieties he would need a large staff and a few lifetimes. But lets just compare to the biggest seed companies Seminis and Monsanto. Companies that have the largest facilities on earth and largest staffs on earth and millions of dollars for research. How many varieties of peppers have they created?? Try maybe 100 or 200 if that. So now somebody Pepper Joe knows has created over 600?? Is it God? Because thats the only guy I know that could pull it off. On a final note lets examine Guinness. They have nothing to do with science. They are a media publication. They do not employ experts in every scientific field so therefore cannot truly verify anything scientific. They ask for criteria and can at anytime change their mind regarding the criteria because they are an independent entity. So they can give a record to who they want and when they want and no governing scientific body or civil government can do squat about it! Now lets go back to CPI. They are the leading authority on chile pepper science in the world. When a farmer in Africa, Asia etc has problems or needs data on chiles do you think they come to the Pepper Blogs? Guinness? Pepper Joe? or me? Noooo they go to CPI! I find it even more outrageous that CPI is being questioned about their methods. Final comment. Could the Douglah be the hottest?? Well this was the smartest thing said today. The Douglah or Chocolate 7 Pot came in about 100,000 lower than the Moruga. So it is not a reach to say on any given day one could be higher than the other. One thing we know is we have about 6 peppers now that can get over 1,000,000. As to who can beat who I think that can change any season. I think this record thing is becoming a circus. CPI does there best to make it scientific and yet some of us jump when we here about something new. Sorry if I stepped on some toes here but the knowledge I have is from Marlin and Bosland. I tend to believe them.

    • pepperseed says:

      Hey Jim, for the record Pepper Joe didn’t ask me to post this here. I just summarized the key points he made in a forum thread posted elsewhere. I think at this point Joe believes the information he has been given and is simply passing it along. I did email him letting him know this posts exists so he’s free to add any additional information or clarify any points.

  2. Pepper Joe says:

    Hey Jim,
    First off thanks for the Post and clarification from your point of view.
    Obviously we have a passion for our businesses in common.
    Let me clarify as well.
    I had lunch on Friday, Feb. 17th with two fellows that I met at a Home and Garden show and they requested this Business luncheon. We met at T-Bonz in Myrtle Beach.
    They disclosed that they have the next Worlds Hottest Pepper that will go public soon. They want me to be a prefferred seed vendor with this pepper.
    In THEIR opinion the testing for their pepper is more vigorous and extensive than any of the previous record holders.
    I mentioned some other information that i received from them on a blog. It included the 50 poounds of peppers tested, 5 years of testing, the Trinidad/China question, Guiness Book costs up to $30,000 costs and the engineering of 600 Chile varieties.
    I can’t validate any of this info personally, but I did then and still do view these guys as very credable and having integrity. Just my opinion, but I’m a pretty good judge of character. And their enthusiasm was contagious.

    As far as creating 600 new varieties, I’ve never created a new variety myself , so I’m naive as to the process. (I have geneticly engineered peppers by keeping the best of the best specimen’s seeds for 30+ years).
    My guess now in retrospect, is that the 600 new varieties aren’t stabalized. And I took the 5 years of testing at face value…possibly it included the time to stabilize this ONE pepper.

    I have no clue as to the Guinness costs or as to what other expenses were included in their $30,000 estimate. I do know the Fast tracking and Adjunctiator fees can make the costs jump up, but I don’t want to answer this on their behalf. I’m just curious Jim, if the Guinness Book of Worlds records is only a “Few Hundred Bucks costs” and a simple process, why didn’t you apply to them for the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion” pepper?
    I totally recognize Guiness is no expert on Hot Peppers, but we both know it is a great credability enhancer. Seems like a Cheap Date for a Few hundred?

    I’ll be going to meet with this team within 2 weeks and tour their gardens, greenhouse, operations, etc. I’ll ask more questions on these issues that I’m not certain about. I’ll get some pics and all of that stuff to validate the meeting.
    For the sake of disclosure…My interest in this is simple…I will probably be one of a few exclusive seed companies to have access to buy the seeds for the next Champion pepper. That’s an attractive option.
    It’s also been a blast to be involved on the ground floor for a rollout of the Hottest Pepper in the world.
    I even might be the lucky guy to name this new pepper…they tossed a possible name out to me at lunch and frankly I wasn’t impressed.
    So I spoke to one of the partners on the phone yesterday and gave him my name recommendation and he really liked it.
    He also mentioned on that call that the Guiness people wanted documentation on the Calibration of the equipment being used to validate the heat level for this pepper.
    I guess with the proliferation of “Hottest Pepper in the World” claims, they are being much more detailed and involved now before approving anything.

    Anyway Jim, congratulations on having created the Hottest Pepepr in the world, the Moruga. That is an incredible accomplishment and I wish you continues success.
    By the way, is the actual spelling Moruga or Morouga?
    I do respect you and your passion for the business.
    Maybe we can chat sometime. My email address is
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Joe I did not apply because the study was done by CPI. They can apply when they want to. My seeds were donated for the study and perhaps my name may be mentioned in documents when they apply. I know CPI has talked to Guinness but do not know if they filed complete application. So I hope this answers your question why I have not applied. Moruga is spelled Moruga. Thanks for your honest response.

  3. Pepper Joe says:

    Get ready to eat your words, Jim.
    I toured all of the greenhouses, farms, and visited the University where the Worlds NEXT HOTTEST PEPPER is being grown and Tested this Thursday.
    And I can say I’m 100% certain (in my opinion) that this pepper WILL be the next record holder.
    And guess what? We have MORE and even HOTTER Peppers in the pipeline.
    This is not a short term play.
    We expect to roll out many record breakers in the years to come.
    The next Hottest (and I’m only guessing…the developer controls the timetable and we’re waiting for the Guinness people to do final validating) should be announced by May ’12.
    But whenever it comes out it will knock the Chile Industry on it’s butt.
    The testing is so unique, thorough and substantiated…it will be Crystal clear who the new Champ is.
    You can knock the testing, the University, the Peppers lineage, whatever.
    Let’s let public opinion and our thousands of chilhead friends and customers decide.
    You can write a Gazillion word refute to this…but why bother?
    Most people think you are just protecting your Moruga Pepper (which, AGAIN…congratulations on the great job you did with that)…but let’s let the majority decide.
    I’ll send you some FREE SEEDS of our next worlds hottest peppers when I can, then you can grow them and you’ll agree they are
    This new Worlds Hottest Pepper will only be available at two Seed Sources.
    More to follow….
    Fiery Regards to all,
    Pepper Joe

  4. Pepper Joe says:

    EXCITING NEWS…..the HP22b or Carolina Reaper Pepper is being announced in Press Releases labor Day Weekend, 2012.
    The Reaper is tasty and delicious (I’ve had several dozen pods by now) and has a cool burn to them.
    They are only available exclusively at Pepper Joe’s and PuckerButt’s
    We’re currently taking emails for you to get put on the Notification/Reminder list when we have them online and ready to ship out. Put HP22B in the Subj. line or
    STAY TUNED for all of the excitement and details to follow.

  5. Mattydeakin says:


    Why bother with all of this? For glory? For money? For your egos?

    Why don’t you just grow peppers, eat them and enjoy them?

    All this hottest chilli rubbish taints the whole industry. It’s petty. It’s like kids in a playground saying “my dad is bigger than yours”.

    You’ll be comparing **** sizes next. Pathetic.

  6. Pepper Joe says:

    Matty, your entitled to your opinion, but I have an ENTIRELY different point of view. It is NOT for Glory or Ego.
    Before the SuperHots came along gardeners grew Primarily Cayennes, Jalapenos and some Habs. Now I get tons of emails with customers…many Newbies talking Ghost Peppers, Morugas, Butch T’s nd now the HP22B and Carolina Reaper. …they are pumped about them all. They are all best sellers. What these new breed os SuperHots have done for our Hot Pepper industry is fabulous. They have brought a renewed interest and focus. This creates jobs in America, additional farming opportunities, new Hot Sauces, Mash, Seeds, etc. etc. This pumps up an economy that sure can use it. If you look at the bigger picture, it’s all good.
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepepr Joe

  7. Mattydeakin says:

    Joe, what the PEPPERS have done for the industry is a great thing but the businessmen behind the scenes are petty and exploiting chilliheads to make a quick buck. Selling seeds and hot sauces at extortionate prices, just because they come with the tag “World’s Hottest Chilli”.

  8. BlueBear says:

    “exploiting” ?

    No one is forcing anyone to buy anything…

  9. Pepper Joe says:

    You GO BlueBear.
    You are the voice of reason.
    Thanks for clarifying that. This is America, people have Freedom of Choice.
    Pepper Joe

  10. SpicyFoodDenver says:

    Amen Blue Bear, and good for you Joe, to have built your own business to where it is. I have bought your seeds and will continue to do so. I look forward to trying this new pepper, just because it’s new and different and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

    Matty, with all due respect, shut your pie hole. You’re like Debbie Downer. Wah-Wah….

    You can keep growing lowly jalapenos or whatever makes you feel like you’re sticking it to “the man”. I’ll keep buying new and different super-hots, simply because it’s fun.

    Fun. Something you’re not.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      I comment here not because I am a close friend of Matt Deakin. Matt has had his share of disagreements with me. Matt makes a valid point in the “The World’s Hottest” label is used to set high prices on something new and make as much money as possible. I know because I sell seeds too. Still it is a person’s choice to buy or not to buy. When I put my Morugas in a Combination pack Joe said i was ripping people off forcing people to buy things they dont want. Where were you guys when he said the same things Matt is saying now?? Joe sells combination packs with cheapie seeds mixed with superhots and people have to take those cheapie seeds they don’t want. Still I dont care if Joe sells a $100 combination box in the future because people are free to buy or not to buy. Don’t go slamming Matt for making an honest and correct observation. No need to get hostile and rude and tell him to shut his pie hole. And then call him names. Cmon now! Matt loves the superhots and has probably been growing longer than most of you. Joe you are free to make as much money as you can. All previous pepper records were not announced until they happened. You have been talking about this since March and its not because you care about farmers or peppers helping our economy. Your just selling your business!

      • Pepper Joe says:

        Slamming Matty? Hostile and Rude to him?
        I spoke to Matty with respect and dignity. You however, do not speak to folks that way.
        I know you’ve finally lost your mind now.
        Please everyone, go up 6 posts and tell me if I “Slammed and was Rude” to Matty.???
        I really want some opinions.

        Jimbo, it’s obvious from this post and other recent post in THP that you are jealous and frustrated because your company is not doing well. Customers prefer going to Pepper Joe’s, “Home of the Moruga Pepper and all SuperHot Record Holders”.
        Jimbo, You are the Used Car Salesman of the pepper seed industry. NOW I’m Slamming and rude. LOL.
        Fiery Regards to all!
        Pepper Joe

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