Hottest Peppers in the World

This is a not another “top 10 hottest peppers in the world” list and I’m not attempting to answer the question, “what is the hottest pepper in the world”. It seems what is considered to be the world’s hottest pepper is always changing and in many cases not officially documented or is in dispute. That’s why this won’t be an ordered list of the hottest peppers, but rather a list of peppers that are for the most part accepted as some of the hottest in the world. I plan to keep this updated as I discover other hot peppers worthy of inclusion. If you know of one or more that should be included here please add them in the comments.

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

Red Bhut Jolokia (commonly called a “Ghost Pepper”)
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Yellow Bhut Jolokia (also call “Lemon Bhut Jolokia”)
Bih Jolokia
7 Pod Barrakpore
7 Pod SR
7 Pod Primo
7 Pod Jonah
7 Pod Brain Strain
7 Pod Yellow
Douglah (pretty sure this is often referred to as a 7 pod Douglah)
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Naga Morich
Dorset Naga
HP22B / Carolina Reaper

I am leaving 3 off of this list right now that have surfaced recently – the infinity, the naga viper and the new mexico scorpion.

What did I miss? What other peppers deserve a spot on the list of the world’s hottest peppers?

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26 Responses to Hottest Peppers in the World

  1. Paul Kainer says:

    Evidently there is one called Naga hari which is bread from 2 peppers that rivals the Naga Viper. I tried to order the Naga Hari seeds to grow but they were either never sent or confiscated by the Canadian Immigration. I will check out this “Mexican Scorpion” unless you would like to mention where I can find reliable seeds for the Mexican I am all ears!

  2. pepperseed says:

    Paul, from what I’ve read the New Mexican Scorpion is just a Trinidad Scorpion that was grown in New Mexico, seems some are not too happy about the renaming. Here’s the thread where I first hear about it:

    I have not heard of the Naga Hari, where did you try and order it from?

  3. dontbuythehype says:

    New mexico scorpion is just a made up name to sell seeds, peppers and products. don’t buy the hype and dont support the fake new mexico scorpion.

  4. Kevin says:

    Growing a pepper in a state does not mean you get to rename it. I grow jalapenos and I live in Montana, does that make them Montana Jalapenos? No of course it does not. The new mexico scorpion pepper is a total sham.

  5. Sarrid says:

    Cool List! Which of these peppers do you think is the hottest?

    • Rob Gates says:

      The heat in an individual pepper depends on a lot of factors such as soil, weather and climate. That means that there is a big difference between the hottest pepper in the world and the hottest pepper you can grow. For a consistently very hot pepper no matter what the conditions are try Scotch Bonnets, 7 Pots or Jamaican Ghosts. They always perform, especially Scotch Bonnets which have been in commercial production long enough for selective breeding to really kick in.

  6. pepperseed says:

    To those reading this post…I had posted a question on the press release for the New Mexico Scorpion ( but it wasn’t showing up. I received the following via email today:

    I’m having trouble getting your comment (and my reply) to post to pitch engine, but I wanted to make sure you received an answer.

    Yes, the official variety name is “Trinidad Scorpion,” but that name is trademarked, so since our chile peppers have been grown in New Mexico we’re using the name “New Mexico Scorpion” when referring to these particular peppers and the products they are used in, to avoid any type of TM infringement.

    Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. Thanks- Julianne

    Julianne Horn
    Account Executive, The Garrity Group
    4110 Wolcott Avenue, NE Suite B
    Albuquerque, NM 87109

  7. pepperseed says:

    Sarrid, the hottest I have ever personally had is the douglah. I am growing the Trinidad scorpion this year and word on the street is it’s hotter.

  8. Need Infinity Pepper Seeds says:

    Where can I buy infinity pepper seeds?

  9. pepperseed says:

    I’m not positive but I think the infinity pepper is a cross meaning it’s not stable and even if you found infinity pepper seeds they more than likely would not produce infinity peppers.

    Am I wrong? anyone know more about the infinity pepper and/or where one could purchase seeds?

    More info (and a video) about the infinity pepper at –

  10. pepperseed says:

    I saw a post this morning indicating that the Trinidad Scorpion – Butch T Strain has tested at over 1.4 million scoville units. If those kind of numbers hold this could very well be the newest hottest pepper in the world…

    ButchT for the win?

  11. pepperseed says:

    Here’s a video of a couple guys giving the butch t scorpion a try…

  12. AUSSIE1 says:

    DAMN RIGHT ButchT Scorpion Pepper for the win!!!

  13. pepperseed says:

    Here’s a link to an updated post here at ThePepperSeed that includes information about the ButchT TS Chilli.

  14. Robert Jhones says:

    where i can buy seeds of this 7 pot strain………..
    7 Pod Barrakpore
    7 Pod SR
    7 Pod Primo
    7 Pod Jonah
    7 Pod Brain Strain
    7 Pod Yellow

  15. pilgrim says:

    Can I grow the trinidad scorpion pepper here in southern Illlinois. I had problems with the Bhutt Jolokia. It gets pretty humid here in the summer.

  16. pepperseed says:


    Yea, you can grow them in your climate no problem. You just have to start the seeds indoors in Feb / first week of March so you’ll have enough grow season to let the peppers get ripe.

  17. Paul Kainer says:

    I just got the Bush T and viper seeds in the mail last month from UK will start them this weekend. The other seeds I got called Naga Hari were from a other place in UK but seeds were toast, everything including Bhutes sprouted in the same tray.

  18. Pepper Joe says:

    If you go by teh Guinness Book of worlds records…and ONLY the Guiness book….the Champ is still th3 Butch T Trinidad scorpion as of June 4th, 2011. They aren’t authorities on the topic, but it does enhance the credibility.
    Fiery REgards, Pepper Joe

    • pepperseed says:

      Yes, I’m sure they will update and show the moruga soon…unless of course something else beats the moruga between now and then!

  19. Pineapple Gack says:

    I’ve heard about the Trinidad Scorpion only recently, are they some new variety or have they been around for some time? It was like the Naga’s only learned about them a few years back.

    • pepperseed says:

      They have been around for years and years…just starting to get more attention now that the mainstream press has been talking about them.

  20. bikash chetia says:

    bhut jolokia & naga jolokia r both different. they r from same family of spice but both tastes a slight different & its the bhut jolokia which is the hottest chilly in the world

  21. Pepper Joe says:

    Yea, it’s exciting times in the Chile business. Do we need another Worlds hottest? You can’t beat the attention and focus it’s brought into our industry. My average customer who used to go for Jalapenos and Habaneros are now tossing out names like the ghost Pepper, Butch T, Moruga and Carolina Reaper Peppr like Chilead pros. It’s amusing but it does keep things fresh. Don’t we all love to grow new stuff. I grew Tomatillos for the first time this year and am having a blast making Chile Verde Sauce, Salsa, roasting them and adding to a bunch of stuff.
    Hey, we just harvested our first 50,000 Moruga Seeds. They are packed, in our shopping cart and now ready to ship. We’ve got them backed up with another 100,000 seeds coming so I expect to be in stock for the 2013 season. Check them out at
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

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