Fresh Trinidad Scorpion Pods for Sale

AlabamaJack of is taking it to the next level with his Trinidad Scorpion pepper operation this year:

He’s expecting about 700 pounds of fresh peppers in 3 or 4 weeks. If you would like to get your hands on some of the world’s hottest peppers you can reserve yours here:

For $30 + shipping you can pick yourself up a pound of fresh T. scorp pods. As a little bonus if you’re a pepper grower these were grown in isolation so the seeds should grow true if you save them. Fresh pods + seeds for $30, it’s a deal. Prices drop the more you order.

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29 Responses to Fresh Trinidad Scorpion Pods for Sale

  1. cleyton s santos says:

    Hello I am Brazilian is am very interested in their peppers.
    I want to buy with you. How should I proceed?

    Excuse for my English

  2. pepperseed says:

    Sorry cleyton santos, according to this post:

    it looks like he’s only shipping the peppers to the USA right now.

  3. Big c says:

    Aj im interested in the scorps shoot me your contact email Thanks chris

  4. William Waldron says:

    Put me down for 1 pound

  5. dan says:

    How do I get my hands on a pound of the Scorpion pods

    • pepperseed says:

      He’s not selling them anymore, someone bought everything he has left for the rest of the season. Not sure where to get them right now.

  6. bhut man says:

    I FOUND THEM DRIED (WHOLE) AT Have really nice Bhuts too. Compared them to what’s out there, and these are the best. There is a lot of crappy bhuts out there. I used to buy from Firehouse Pantry, and Sonoran Spice. Not anymore.

  7. pepperseed says:

    Hey Bhut Man AKA Mark –

    You “found” the site because it’s yours. I looked up the whois and you used the same email to register your domain as you did to register here. So you pretend to be a regular visitor, spam my site, lie about your site and bash your competition all at the same time. Way to set the standard, I would absolutely never do business with you.

  8. vicky heppenstall says:

    where do you buy powder or dried products

  9. Jerry Cranson says:

    Does anyone when and where i can find fresh Trinidad Scorpion Butch T peppers, preferably un-dried.

    • gary says:

      i have 5 plants that are producing well. how many do you want. i am just getting into selling peppers. also making home-made salsa with my scorpions and bhuts.

  10. Craig Lang says:

    I am interested in buying 100 pounds of trinidad scorpions and ghost peppers please let me know if this is a possibility for your next crop and how much it would cost per 100 pounds.

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