Caramel aka Carmel Bhut Jolokia

I discovered what I am calling the caramel bhut jolokia in my garden in 2011. In 2010 my neighbor gave me a few chocolate bhut jolokia pods. I kept the seeds and grew them out in 2011. I grew 6 chocolate bhut jolokia plants. 5 of them were normal looking chocolate bhuts but one plant produced pods that were more of a caramel color. Even while still green the pods were noticeably different. They were a very light green, almost neon looking. I’ve shared some seeds from the caramel bhuts with growers around the world. I will be growing them again next year too and am hoping they grow true.

Here are 3 bhut jolokias. From left to right we have a caramel bhut jolokia, chocolate bhut jolokia and a red bhut jolokia.


Here’s a caramel bhut jolokia and a chocolate bhut jolokia:


Here’s how the caramel jolokias looked when green / ripening:


Compared to my chocolate bhut jolokias there is s noticeable difference in color:

While I’m not sure if this will grow true in 2012 I’m sure going to try. If I sent you seeds or pods or you have pictures you would like to share please feel free to post them here or send them to me and I will post the.

More to follow as I grow this out in 2012.

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9 Responses to Caramel aka Carmel Bhut Jolokia

  1. ALEXANDRE says:

    Hello I would like to seeds of Bhut Jolokia Caramel, as you would?

    Olá gostaria de sementes da Bhut Jolokia Caramelo, como faria?

  2. pepperseed says:


    I won’t be selling any of these seeds and have already given away when I have to spare. It may just turn out to be a cross and these won’t even grow the same way again. If they grow true I will spread some more seeds around next year (late 2012).

  3. giuseppe says:

    Caraml Bhut Jolokia……. meraviglioso.

    Dove posso comperare i semi?

  4. Luciano says:

    hello, I wonder if it would have some seeds of Bhut jolokia Caramel to donate or sell to me? thanks a lot

  5. MissK says:

    do the green ones stay green? Is that a variety? I bought some recently and I don’t know for sure if it’s the ghost pepper but it is extremely hot (which I love). I can handle very very very hot. Just wondering if it is in fact ghost pepper that I have.

    • pepperseed says:

      I don’t know of a green ghost pepper. If there is such a thing I’m sure it’s cross and probably not sold at stores.

      • Padewan Pepperman says:

        I really thought one of my plants was one of these variations. I got it out late and peppers were falling off and not changing color. Finally I got color yesterday!
        It was not chocolate like it was supposed to be. It was lighter.:)

  6. Padewan Pepperman says:

    I love these variations. Very slow grower. The skins and size all say Ghost but an inch or so up from the bottom they all either have a hip that bends the tail 90 degrees or something that disrupts the continual formation of the tail end. It looks as though it will have this lighter coloration or maybe a bronzy color but definitely lighter than the chocolate I have. Forever to ripen though. Patient gardener it does take. I planted this later in the season. Can’t wait to one of these showing color. Good luck with yours and if mine sounds interesting let me know.

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