7 Pot Douglah – The World’s 2nd Hottest Chili Pepper

For now. The recently released test results for the moruga scorion also included results for three other peppers, one of which was called “chocolate 7-pot”. The chocolate 7 pot tested at 1,853,396 SHU on the high end and 923,889 SHU on the low end. It’s mean SHU of 1,169,058 was second only moruga scorpion. Given the chocolate 7 pot’s high highs and consistently high lows I don’t think it’s unreasonable to speculate that if tested again in the future it would not be a shock to see the chocolate 7 pot surpass the 2 million scoville mark of the moruga scorpion.

At this point you ay be wondering why the title of this post is “7 pot douglah” but all I have mentioned is the chocolate 7 pot. In a recent post Jim Duffy shed some light on the chocolate 7 pot used in the tests. Jim said: “Now the Chocolate 7 Pot they mention was Douglah. I got my Douglah seeds from Neal and Semillas. “

News of the douglah possibly being the hottest won’t come as shock to those who have had one. I’ve read post after post and watched countless taste test videos where the verdict was that the douglah was the hottest pepper the person had ever tasted. My personal experience is the same. I think it’s a toss up between the 7 pot brain strain and the 7 pot douglah. While both peppers tore me up I was not at all fond of the douglah taste. The brain strain has a pleasant taste for about 2 seconds until my face started to melt.

I grew a douglah last year but it turned red. The common theme in the discussion was that douglah can’t be red. Fast forward a few months and another forum member had the same thing happen, a red douglah. That person happens to sell seeds and I noticed that this year seeds from those red douglah pods are being sold as Trinidad Red Douglah Offspring. The ones I grew were super hot..right up there with the hottest I’ve tried. I saved a bunch of seeds from the one I grew, maybe I should plant a few this year…

Should be interesting to see how this plays out. My money’s on the douglah taking the record for hottest pepper at some point…now the question is will be it the classic brown douglah or a red douglah offspring?

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7 Responses to 7 Pot Douglah – The World’s 2nd Hottest Chili Pepper


    This may be the most press on the world’s 2nd hottest chile I have seen, lol…prepare for the controversy!

    • pepperseed says:

      lol, it’s quite a stretch to refer to this site or anything on it as “press” :-) The douglah is a screamer and could quite possibly get the record next. I don’t care for the taste but in terms of raw heat this thing is up there for sure.

  2. Brandon Pitti says:

    Hi “pepperseed” could you please email me. I have a question!

  3. Ometotchtli says:

    …I will need another alias ,since being banned from any Southwest Chili cook-offs to use to use the 7-pot douglah…I’m anxious to try it in my next Chili Chernobyl….best regards.

  4. Howard says:

    I have grown 7 pot douglah, trinidad butch scorpion, scotch bonnets and Thai bird chilli. I live in Cyprus, and the Dry Season is from May to October. During this
    period I have had to use well water for irrigation of the plants. This water is very hard water, with possibly some brine content as the well is close to the sea. The chillis suffer during this time, partly from the heat ( I use a sunscreen over them from June to September) and those that survive manage to produce somr chillies, but with the exception of the bird chillies, there is no heat from them whatsoever. I suspect that this water may well be the cause of the problem, and not the summer heat. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? I am considering buying a Reverse Osmosis kit to ex tract good water, but only if this may get a good result.

  5. Richard says:

    Don’t have one !!!

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