Where to Buy Carolina Reaper Seeds

Until more people have grown the Carolina Reaper pepper there are only two reliable places to get Carolina Reaper pepper seeds as of this writing.

1. http://store.puckerbuttpeppercompany.com/smokin-eds-carolina-reaper/

2. www.pepperjoe.com (will update with actual link once Joe adds the reaper seeds to his site)

Seeds will officially go on sales on August 27, 2012 but I caught wind of a post that announced Ed’s letting some go early.

Save yourself a lot of aggravation and get seeds from one of these two sources. The Reaper seeds will show up on eBay and other places in no time…skip those sellers and get the real deal from Ed or Joe.

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15 Responses to Where to Buy Carolina Reaper Seeds

  1. Pepper Joe says:

    Hey Jeremy and Gang! My Shopping Cart is “Cocked and Loaded” and ready to ship the Carolina Reaper or HP22B.
    It’s at http://www.pepperjoe.com
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

  2. Pepper Joe says:

    I’m not sure why Jeremy’s Link here to Pepper Joe’s doesn’t work…..
    But there are only 3 websites authorized to sell the Carolina Reaper Seeds and Pepper Joe’s is one of them. (Ed Currie has the Reaper trademarked now).
    Check out the Carolina Reaper story at ——>>

    • pepperseed says:

      I fixed the link. Even if the name trademarked I’m pretty sure anyone can sell reaper seeds. That said, always buy seeds from reputable sources. It sucks to spend months growing something only to find out it’s not what you thought it would be!

      • Bob says:

        Absolutely right. I bought “bargain” Reaper seeds on eBay and babied three plants to maturity — only to find out that they aren’t reaper plants. I’ve looked high and low trying to identify them and have come to the conclusion that the seller must have gotten their plants cross-pollinated. The peppers are really hot, though — hotter than habaneros — and have a nice flavor. A bit disappointed that their not the hottest peppers ever, but I did get very productive plants with some versatile hot peppers.

        I will soon be placing an order with Pepper Joe.

  3. Pepper Joe says:

    Carolina Reaper now recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the Worlds Hottest Pepper as of 11/14/13.
    1,569,000 Scoville Heat Units AVG…..and the high number with testing is 2.2 Million SHU.

    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

  4. Hi The Chilli Pepper Company have been appointed by Ed Currie to be the only EU/UK based seed company to supply The Carolina Reaper Seed.
    Like Pepper Joe says ” always buy seeds from reputable sources. It sucks to spend months growing something only to find out it’s not what you thought it would be!”

  5. Steve says:

    I purchased 4 packs of Reaper seeds from the Puckerbutt Co. for $24.00. Each pack
    contains 10 seeds. I feel very lucky. I live down here in South Texas. Excited for the 2014 season.

  6. Gary Crawford says:

    I bought these seeds a year ago and I am highly impressed with the quality of the plants they produced. Terrific fruit.
    Also, we had a 100% strike rate from the seeds.

  7. bijesh.v.balan@gmail.com says:

    Can i have some Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper seeds to india?

  8. johnny says:

    i need to find dried carolina reapers..

  9. Dani says:

    Where can I buy the plants from?

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