Where to Buy Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Some of the first super hot pepper seeds I ever bought were giant bhut jolokia seeds from Pepper Joe. A big part of my early growing success was good seeds. Super hot peppers take a long time to grow so in areas like northern Illinois you have a relatively short window of time to germinate, plant and grow your bhut jolokias if you have any hope of fresh peppers before the first frost. Where you get your seeds is important. If you get seeds that won’t germinate or even worse, seeds that don’t grow true you can waste up to an entire season growing a “not a bhut jolokia”.

Since I’ve started this site I’ve received a number of emails / comments about seeds, specifically bhut jolokia seeds and where to buy them. I don’t sell seeds on this site or anywhere else so if you’re looking to buy some bhut jolokia (or other super hot) pepper seeds I would suggest in no particular order:

Pepper Joe
Pepper Lover
Old Barn Nursery

All of those vendors are known for their service and quality so if issues arise you can count on them to take care of things.

If you would prefer to order bhut jolokia / ghost pepper seeds from another seed seller you can try using the pepper search engine or visit any of the sites listed on the pepper seeds page.

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13 Responses to Where to Buy Bhut Jolokia Seeds

  1. Pepper Joe says:

    THANKS Jeremy and Pepperseed for teh mention.
    We have some FRONT PAGE NEWS to Announce.
    The Worlds next record holder for Hottest Pepper is being released the week of Labor Day, 2012! It’s called the Carolina Reaper, or HP22B.
    Seeds will go on sale then. They are only available at Pepper Joe’s and at PuckerButt.
    Meanwhile, we’re doing an email notification/reminder list now.
    Email me at pepperjoe@sc.rr.com or smokinEd@puckerbuttpeppercompany.com and put HP22B in the Subj.
    GET READY for eh excitement….thsi pepper is so tasty and delicious…and has a cool type of heat to it. All of the other exciting details will be covered by Ed Currie in the Press Releases. Stay tuned.

  2. Henry DeLaPaz says:

    I’m new the growing anything (nov. 2011) ghost peppers some trinidads and habaneros and I love it.
    I sure would like to try your Carolina reapers or HB22B

  3. Alain Delon says:

    Can I buy bhut jolokia or HP22B seeds? And how much it cost?

  4. leo says:

    I’m in the Philippines. Where can I buy seeds here? or can it be shipped to me here.

  5. irene melanie v. gerona says:

    i am collecting a variety of chilli pepper plants..i wish you could sell me healthy seeds of Bhut jolokia and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion so that i could plant them asap this summer..how much?

    • pepperseed says:

      @irene, I don’t sell seeds here, check with any of the vendors I linked to in the original post. They are all reputable and have the seeds you’re looking for.

  6. ferd says:

    im from the philippines. Where can i buy seed of carolina reaper or bhut jolokia?

  7. MANUEL says:

    I am in TamilNadu.I want to plant Bhut Jolakya. Where can I get seeds.

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