Selling Pepper Seeds?

While I don’t sell pepper seeds I do buy them and know a bunch of seed sellers. As spring approaches for a large portion of the united states the pepper seed selling starts ramping up but when does it peak? In terms of online activity – specifically search volume, interest in pepper seeds peaks Feb/Mar with March being the clear winner in recent years:

Equally as interesting to seed sellers would be knowing if in general pepper seeds are becoming more popular or less popular. My guess would be more popular (I’m biased!) but let’s take a closer look:

Seed sellers rejoice! Not only are pepper seeds rising in popularity but since 2009 the popularity of pepper seed related searches has risen considerably faster than the gardening and landscaping search category as a whole. The trend really accelerated in 2011 which indicate seed sellers can expect strong demand in 2012.

I predict that 2012 will still be the year of the ghost pepper. Even though the Butch T Scorp took the record in 2011 it’s still a looooong way from taking any real market share from the bhut jolokia / ghost pepper. Last year was the first time that search volume for the Butch T grew faster than search volume for the habanero and that passing was extremely short and temporary…as of now habanero has retaken it’s spot above the Butch T.

Seed sellers prepare for the year of the ghost pepper, again!

Happy Growing.

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  1. Harold French says:

    To me the bhut jolokia / ghost pepper has a terrible taste and is like eating candy compared to Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper. I have been growing hot peppers for 25 yrs and I am really impressed with the Scorpion Butch T. This pepper is not only the hottest but it also has a unique flavor. Sort of like a smoky fruity with a hint of habanero taste! My choice seasoning pepper used to be Devil’s Tongue and Fatali, now it’s the Butch T all the way for flavor and Hotness. The best part is they are easy and fun to grow!

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