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  1. pepperseed says:

    I purchased some of my first hot pepper seeds from Pepper Joe. I had great germination rates and except for a few scotch bonnets everything grew true. Joe’s know for great service too…if something goes wrong just get in touch with him and he’ll make it right. I would recommend Pepper Joe to anyone who wants pepper seeds.

    – Jeremy (aka “pepperseed”)

  2. Pepper Joe says:

    Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for the great review.
    And thanks for your website Pepperseed and all that you do for out HOt Pepper Industry.
    We strive to be the best in Customer service, and based on our reaction that we constantly get from 36,000+ FAcebook Fans, we’re getting there fast. Check it out at!/pages/Pennys-Tomatoes-and-Pepper-Joes/204328085055
    We do have the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion in full stock. It was, and still is the Hottest Pepper in the world as recognized by the Guiness book of Worlds records (June 4th, 2011). Some other customer new favorites are the Filius Blue Hot Pepper, Caloro, Golden Bhut Jolokia and Purple Jalapeno.
    But do you know what’s interesting? In spite of several Super-Hots showing up the past few years, the Ghost Pepper is still one of the top selling Hot Peppers.
    I think it’s because it is such a recognizable name, and it’s been in the USA for 11 years not. It grows relatively easy and is very prolific.
    See a bunch of information on Hot Peppers and growing tips at
    Join our Free Newsletter while you’re visiting.
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

  3. Dewitt Pickering says:

    Joe, I bought packages of your “butch T scotpions,” “Ghost Peppers “, and ” chocolate Hobenaro “,soaked them in warm water,and put them in shallow mirical grow seed starter.They never germinated. I worked in a green house for 2 1/2yrs,and have been using Burpee`s seeds with out fail for years.I grow Thi`s,Schotch Bonnets,Lemon Drops,Craibian Reds,and a bunch others with out any problems,so what do you think happened with these seeds ? I have a friend who has the Butch T`s ( larger type )that didn`t do any thing either. Thank You,Dewey Pickering

  4. Pepper Joe says:

    Hi Dewey,
    My customers are reporting robust germination %’s again this year. If you check my Facebook page I have 42,000 fans and they are mostly raving about their growing success.
    With that in mind….0% would be strange.
    But it’s YOUR seeds that are important to you….so email me directly at and give me your order # and which varieties didn’t germinate for you and I’ll gladly replace them.
    Fiery Regards,
    Pepper Joe

  5. Norm says:

    HONESTY POLICY: Norm is my “internet” id, not my real name. I didn’t have to say that, but wanted to make sure you know I am honest and not a rep of any company or anything like that. I have ordered from Pepper Joe’s for two or three years now. I am a small consumer, but I was treated with extraordinary service. When some of my peppers didn’t germinate the first year, he sent me new ones with no arguing, chastising, blaming, or anything….and even tossed in some free seeds. He has answered a number of my email questions about growing peppers. While I am not a fan of his website (I think it needs a major overhaul), I have gleaned some good information from it.

    • Norm says:

      I should have added, in retrospect the seeds probably didn’t germinate through errors on my part, but he seemed more concerned about making me happy and teaching me how to succeed. I also forgot to say “I would recommend Pepper Joe’s”.

  6. Jabu Skhosana says:

    My first order was on the 19 march 2015 and it was Carolina Reaper AKA HP22B, Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Trinidad Scorpion and Naga Viper till to date I did not reserved to date.

  7. Steve Wolff says:

    I’ve probably ordered my last seeds from PepperJoe. I’ve been getting my pepper seeds from him for a few years now and the last two years have been disappointing. The sweet pepper seeds seem to be more reliable but the hot peppers are the ones I’ve got issues with. Bottom line, we’ve got peppers that where not what was ordered. I don’t want free seeds, but I expect to get the product ordered, our growing season is too short not to get what was/is expected.

  8. william "zoom" miller says:

    I ordered five different types of seeds about a month ago. I just received my seeds and I received some seeds I did not order. I wanted a 20 pack of long red cayenne but got the cayenne blend instead. I make sauce from the cayenne and need the “regular cayennes”
    Please e-mail me and let me know how we can resolve this. Thank Y’all very much

  9. Winsome Gayle says:

    Hi Pepper Joe’s,
    I am looking for St. Lucia yellow seasoning pepper. Do you carry these seeds?

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