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  1. Joe Septa says:

    I ordered for the first time this year. I ordered 5 pepper varieties and one tomato. Two of peppers (tepin& chinese oriental) had high germination and the early girl tomato was also successful. My jimmy nardello and lipstick produced nothing and one the 20 seedlings of golden marconi sprouted. I planted other varieties of peppers and tomatoes and out of 180 cells with two seeds each these were the only empty cells.

  2. Brian Robinson says:

    I ordered 5 seed packets from Shipping was fast and seeds were well protected in a small bubble mailer. I only planted two varieties this year. One had about 70% germination and the other, Chocolate Habanero, had 0% germination. This was very disappointing. The Chocolate Hab seeds did not look viable to the naked eye and this was proved by the 0% germ rate. I planted close to 30 varieties from 4 different sources this year and had over 80% germination in total, so it was not my methods. Overall, I’d give this seller another shot since everyone deserves a second chance, but 0% germination from visibly non-viable seeds is not good.

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