Yellow Bhut Jolokia 2012 Grow Part 2

As I mentioned in part 1 of my yellow bhut grow post I’m on a quest for the perfect yellow bhut this year and am growing yellow bhuts from 3 different sources. Despite a slow start to the pepper growing season this year due to drought and excessive heat things are starting to progress nicely now that the heat wave seems to have passed.

First up in today’s update are a few yellow bhut pod and plant pictures from seeds provided by Spicegeist. I’m growing 3 plants from this seed. One of them just started ripening red but the other two look one great. One plant in particular is showing all of the characteristics I’m looking for. Large gnarly looking yellow pods. This was one of the first pods to appear and is being processed today for seeds:


The plant is putting out pretty consistent looking pods too:


Next up we have some ripe pod pic from the yellow bhut seeds I received from BigT. I have two of these plants plants going. The plants are heavy producers and taste/heat is still TBD but for the most part the pods are coming in smoother and somewhat smaller than what I’m looking for.


Lastly here’s a picture of a pod that’s starting to ripen on the sole plant I have growing from cmpman1974. The pods look similar to the pods from Spicegeist only a little smaller and at least for now, kind of orange looking. This plant has been growing a little slower than the others too.


I’ll post another update in week or two after there’s more pods ripe and the plants are bigger.

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Peach Bhut Jolokia Grow 2012 Part 2

My peach bhut jolokias are starting to ripen. I have two peach bhut plants. One of them grew quickly and produced an early round of pods. Those are the ones that are ripening and pictured here. The second plant is about 1/2 the size and just starting to set pods now that the temperatures are getting down in the 70’s at night. It has a ton of buds/flowers so unless there’s a lot of flower drop it should be a heavy producer later in the season. Overall very happy with this bhut strain so far.

I located the thread where I first saw the pictures of the peach bhut and decided I wanted to grow them.

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Caramel Bhut Jolokia 2012 Grow Part 1

In the 2011 growing season I found what I’m calling the caramel bhut jolokia growing in my garden. I had a number of chocolate bhut jolokias growing and they all looked the same except for one plant. That plant had bright green pods and ripened not quite red and not quite chocolate…more of a caramel color. I sent the seeds out to a number of growers and am also growing 5 plants of my own this season. So far of the 5 I have growing one looks like it’s growing true (unripe pods pictured above), one appears to not be growing true and it’s too early to tell for the other three, none of them have pods yet.

As I mentioned I sent seeds to a number of growers and some of them have been posting pictures online. Here are links to threads/pictures I am aware of. Some of these all full blown “grow logs” so you may have to scroll through a few pages to see the caramel bhut pictures. If you’re growing this from seeds I sent or seeds you received from someone else I’d love to know about it, free to post in the comments below.

Free Caramel Bhut Seeds
CMPMAN1974 – 2012 Grow Log
Patricks 2012 Grow Log
Mills 2012 Glog
Chiligrower/McHottie 2012 Season

Thanks to everyone for growing these!

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How and When to Water Pepper Plants

One of the most common problems people have while growing peppers is over watering. Pepper plants need a lot less water than people think and regardless of whether the pepper plant is growing in a pot, raised bed or directly in the ground too much water is one of the worst things you can do to your plants. Over watering can stunt growth, washes away nutrients and invites pests and disease.

If you are growing your peppers in pots you will need to water much more frequently than if you were growing them in the ground. As a general rule you should water when the plants are wilting, but, make sure it’s not just due to excessive heat. When it’s very hot…say 95 degrees+ pepper plants in the direct sun may wilt during the day. This is normal and is just the plants way of reducing the surface area exposed to the sun to help keep it cool. When I grow in pots before I water I like to see some non sun related wilt and I check the pot to make sure it’s bone dry. Often while growing peppers in pots the top of the soil is dry but the bottom is mud. This can happen very easily especially if the pot does not have great drainage. If the pot is completely dry and there’s a little non sun related wilt (best time to check is earlier in the morning or in the evening when the plants are not in direct sun) I give each pot a good soaking. I like to see just a little bit of water coming out of the bottom. Too much and you just wash out your nutrients so soak them but not to excess.

If your pepper plants are growing in raised beds or in the ground a lot of the same rules apply. The main difference is you will find that you need to water much less frequently than when growing in pots. It’s not unusual for me to water my plants in pots every day – sometimes even twice – vs my plants in raised beds that can at times go for weeks in a row without water. When watering my plants in ground/beds I give them a long soaking to really get the soil 6+ inches deep really wet. Infrequent deep watering encourages deep roots which leads to plants that can go longer without water.

If you have any questions or comments about watering peppers feel free to leave them below.

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Peach Bhut Jolokia Grow 2012 Part 1

I’m growing a bunch of bhut jolokias this year that I’m excited about and the peach bhut jolokia is definitely one of them. I can’t remember where I got the seeds (if it was you please post in the comments!) but I started the season with two plants. Despite a late start the plants were both some of the fastest growers I have. After they got started though that changed…one plant continued to grow pretty fast and already has a about 15 pods. The other plant, which is planted right next to it, is about 1/2 the size and only has a few flowers, no pods yet.

The peach bhut plant with the pods is one of my best plants so far. If the pods turn out like they are supposed to (nice bhut flavor with solid heat and plants that throw off a ton of pods) this one will included in future gardens for sure. Here’s how my peach bhuts looked about a week ago. More pics when I start to see some ripening.

Here’s a great video review of the peach bhut jolokia. I really hope the ones I’m growing are like the ones described in the video: “Really nice flavor overall. Heat was great. Not a bring you to your knees heat, but enough to get your blood pumping. Mostly in the tongue with just a tiny bit of burn in the throat. This chile makes it on to my top 10 best tasting list easily. I would say even top 3. I have had better tasting mild chile, but for a Superhot this takes the cake! ”

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