Yellow Bhut Jolokia 2012 Grow Part 2

As I mentioned in part 1 of my yellow bhut grow post I’m on a quest for the perfect yellow bhut this year and am growing yellow bhuts from 3 different sources. Despite a slow start to the pepper growing season this year due to drought and excessive heat things are starting to progress nicely now that the heat wave seems to have passed.

First up in today’s update are a few yellow bhut pod and plant pictures from seeds provided by Spicegeist. I’m growing 3 plants from this seed. One of them just started ripening red but the other two look one great. One plant in particular is showing all of the characteristics I’m looking for. Large gnarly looking yellow pods. This was one of the first pods to appear and is being processed today for seeds:


The plant is putting out pretty consistent looking pods too:


Next up we have some ripe pod pic from the yellow bhut seeds I received from BigT. I have two of these plants plants going. The plants are heavy producers and taste/heat is still TBD but for the most part the pods are coming in smoother and somewhat smaller than what I’m looking for.


Lastly here’s a picture of a pod that’s starting to ripen on the sole plant I have growing from cmpman1974. The pods look similar to the pods from Spicegeist only a little smaller and at least for now, kind of orange looking. This plant has been growing a little slower than the others too.


I’ll post another update in week or two after there’s more pods ripe and the plants are bigger.

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2 Responses to Yellow Bhut Jolokia 2012 Grow Part 2

  1. Louise says:

    Hello there, I was very interested in your grow log showing the 3 types of yellow bhut. I was impressed with the one you got from spicegeist. I am a fan of the naga morich, currently growing Dorset type, Bengal type and Original naga, all seeds from pods brought over from Bangladesh to the UK, not from Dorset! I also have grown a chocolate bhut with elongated bumpy pods and I am impressed with it. I would like to get seeds from Spicegeist or yourself for the same variety that you grew from spicegeists seeds, I would pay of course. Please let me know if this is possible. I am not interested in the other yellow bhuts as they did not resemble the bhuts I am growing. Thankyou for your time. btw I am on fb name Louise Ahmed and also a member of Chillis galore forums, you can see my chilli grow log on there.

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