Yellow Bhut Jolokia 2012 Grow Part 1

This season I’m growing 6 yellow bhut jolokia plants from 3 different seed sources. I’m on a quest for the “perfect” yellow bhut.

First up are pods from two plants I grew from seed provided by BigT. Overall both plants are growing well and I like the look of some of the early pods.


Next up are pods from 3 plants I grew from seed provided by Spicegeist. These plants are also growing well. While all 3 plants are showing promise the second picture/plant is the best looking yellow bhut I have going right now. Unless the other pods on that plant look a lot different this one will be a seed keeper for sure.


Last up is a pod from the only plant I was able to get started from seed provided by cmpman1974. This plant has been a bit of a slow grower but the early pods are taking a nice shape. Really glad I was able to get at least one plant going from the batch of seeds I received.


I will post another yellow bhut grow update once some of the pods start to ripen. Stay tuned!

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