March 2011 Pepper Grow Update

The 2011 pepper growing season in Illinois is well underway. Yea it’s still dropping into the 20’s at night and we’re 6 weeks away from being able to plant out but when you have a short growing season you have get things kicked off inside if you hope to harvest any hot peppers before fall rolls around. My pepper lineup for this year is basically finalized. Here’s a complete list of everything that has sprouted and I have growing:

Red Bhut Jolokia (aka ghost pepper)
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Caribbean Red
7 Pod Douglah
7 Pod Brain Strain
7 Pod Jonah
Trinidad Scorpion Morouga
Pimenta de neyde
Chocolate Habanero
Orange Habanero
Giant Jalapeno
Black Jalapeno
Early Jalapeno
Long Red Slim Cayenne

More than 1/2 of my superhots this year will be the red bhut jolokia and the chocolate bhut jolokia. My red bhut jolokia seeds originated from He has them listed as his giant bhut jolokias. I grew those out last year and they did great. Plants were huge, pods were huge and production was high. I saved the seeds from the best plants and pods and am using those this year. Pepper Joe is using one of my photos from last season – the one with the 6 bhut jolokias with a quarter in the middle – on his site this year. He’s using a couple others too but that one’s probably my favorite.

I was given a few fresh chocolate bhut jolokia pods from neighbor at the end of last season and kept the seeds to grow out this year. I started some of them in Nov 2010 in a DWC bucket as an experiment. I still have one of them growing and transplanted the other into dirt. If all goes well I plan to sell some chocolate bhut jolokia seeds from my plants this year.

I’m growing a few of each of the other other super hots in my list and about a combined total of 15 – 20 of all the others…habaneros, jalapenos, etc. Really looking forward to trying the Trinidad Scorpion Morouga and the 7 Pod Brain Strain. I started one of the 7 Pod Brain Strain plants in DWC too but have since transplanted it into dirt.

Here’s how my indoor pepper plants look as of today:

I have around 70 pepper plants going right now. Will end up giving away 20 or so and the rest will be planted in my raised beds.

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6 Responses to March 2011 Pepper Grow Update

  1. tim says:

    enjoy the site man.

  2. pepperseed says:

    Thanks for the comment Tim, glad you enjoy it 🙂

  3. Elise says:

    Hello Pepperseed. I saw that you are an expert at chilli plant growing using grow lights. I wonder if I could ask for your expertise. I have a Pioneer IV T5 Grow system (4 grow tubes, no bloom tubes, 4 feet long). I want to grow chillies inside, as my climate is… cruddy. Will this light be substantial for producing chilies, or will I need bloom tubes, or a different light? I’m only growing three plants. Thanks for your help!

  4. pepperseed says:

    Elise sorry I missed your comment. Honestly I’m not sure, I’ve always transplanted my peppers outdoors when are big enough, never tried producing actual pods indoors. I would think you would at minimum need some bloom bulbs…more than likely you would just want to upgrade to a high pressure sodium light.

  5. Derek says:

    Do you have fresh pods for sale?

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