Caramel Bhut Jolokia 2013

In 2011 I found the caramel bhut jolokia in my pepper garden. I grew a few of the plants in 2012 and they came out of but the pods were much shorter and fatter than the ones I grew the the previous season. It looks like this year they are taking more of the long slim shape they did the first year I grew them:

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4 Responses to Caramel Bhut Jolokia 2013

  1. Andrew Walker says:

    Just wondering I anyone has any bhut jolokia, Trinidad scorpion, or any super hot seeds they would be willing to part with I just moved to Arkansas and have lost all my seeds! ;(

  2. Luciano says:

    beautiful plant, congratulations

    you know where I find caramel bhut jolokia to buy

  3. Lucy wood says:

    Do these have a Carmel taste?

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