2013 Pepper Grow

My 2013 pepper growing season is officially underway! Last year wasn’t all that great primarily due to the drought. The season started great but then the rain stopped and the temperatures climbed. I still managed to harvest a decent amount of peppers but none of them really grew to their full potential and some plants only produced a handful of stunted peppers. Fingers crossed for a better 2013 growing season.

Here’s the the lineup this year:

Giant Red Bhut Jolokia x 2
Yellow Bhut Jolokia x 2
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia x 2
Caramel Bhut Jolokia x 2
Peach Bhut Jolokia x 2
Red Douglah Cross x 1
7 Pot Brain Strain x 1
Carolina Reaper x 1
Chocolate Habanero x 2
Big Cayenne x 2
Caribbean Red x 3

I put seeds in the dirt on February 3 so should have the first sprouts and day. More than likely I will add some more plants but this is enough to get things rolling.

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  1. Michele says:

    Things are underway for our 2013 pepper crop as well. 🙂 This year we ordered Red Bhut and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper seeds directly from the Chili Pepper Institute (Las Cruces, New Mexico). Last years crop was phenominal, (ironically enough in the Pacific Northwest). Our sunroom really helps, along with our germination heat mat. We are also trying out the Anconcagua sweet pepper this year–the largest pepper in the world.

  2. Hina says:

    Please let me know do you have some extra seed to trade . I am interested in giant, peach, caramel bhut jolokia, Carolina reaper, brain strain. I have 2 kinds of orange habanero, orange manzano, red cayenne, sanam pepper, guajilo, arbol, pulla, red Thai, upside down, 
    Thank you

  3. ford66 says:

    Did the originators of this much hyped Carolina Reaper ever do the “press release”and confirm the “Hottest Pepper in the World”claims?I see on one site claiming it as so.I see two recommended seed vendors are making a killing on price of ten seeds for about 10 bucs.Also in some circles the actual variety is in question.The one site defers the claim to a link claiming the “Carolina Reaper”up to 1.4 million scovilles and then some.Sounds like damn good pre marketing to me.Some published true documentation would be nice.

  4. pepperseed says:

    @ Michele – that’s great, sounds like you’re getting setup for a nice season. Really interested to hear how your Anconcagua sweet pepper turns out, sounds cool…and BIG 🙂

    @ Hina, do you live in the USA? If so I can send you a few seeds, email me at info@thepepperseed.com.

    @ford66 – I did the press release but to my knowldge none of the testing data was ever released. I’ve been “out of the pepper scene” for a few months so perhaps that changed, I don’t know. The Carolina reaper seeds I have came from 3 pods sent to me by Ed Currie, they are pictured here – http://thepepperseed.com/peppers/the-carolina-reaper-aka-hp22b-pepper/

    I sampled those pods last year and they were really hot but frankly once you hit bhut level and above it’s hard to tell the difference. Definitely hot and definitely had a unique taste but I’ll leave the judging for world’s hottest to others.

    Happy growing everyone and keep me posted on your seasons!

    • ford66 says:

      Thanx for reply.I should have identified the press release (as promised)by PepperJoe site and or Ed Curry site backing up the Guiness confirmation as the worlds hottest in the Scoville unit measures.My brother in law grew some and said they were not as promised.Looked around the web and on Guiness to no avail.As we say down here”All hat and no oil”

  5. Michele says:

    Our pepper growing season started of great with the Red Ghosts, Moruga Scorpions and Aconcaguas until some rodent ate the leaves off of several of our pepper seedlings.We knew it was a rodent because there was tell tale evidence left behind. So we restarted a bunch and I babied all the ones that I could. So we had a delay of a few months but luckily we had started early this year. Now all our plants are thriving and producing pods. The Aconcaguas (sweet pepper–largest in the world) already have long 8+ inch peppers on them and they can get up to 12 inches. I wouldn’t doubt we get some 12 inchers this year because the plants are definitely tall enough to support them. I’ll try to get some pics when they get bigger!

    • pepperseed says:

      Thanks for the update Michele, sounds like your season is starting to take off! Would love to see some pic when you have them. Happy growing!

  6. Michele says:

    Here it is the end of September, and our Moruga Scorpions and Red Bhuts have podded prolifically and are now starting to ripen. We have moved their pots all into the sunroom since the weather is cooling down. What I am most impressed with though is our Aconcagua sweet peppers. Aconcaguas really do get a foot long!!! Actually we have several that made it to a little over 11 inches. They are starting to ripen as well. I will have to get pictures of these. I tasted one the other day that was partially red and it really was sweet as an apple–really fruity like. I am definitely impressed with them. The plants produce prolifically too–they are loaded!

    • pepperseed says:

      That’s great Michele. It’s about the same here, lots of pods and lots of ripening. Now it’s just a matter of how many ripen before the cold weather gets here…

  7. Dee Shields says:

    Hi there. I was wondering if u ship seeds to Perth Australia?
    Thanks so much

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