2011 Pepper Grow Begins

Put some of my hot pepper seeds in the dirt today, the 2011 season is officially underway!

My 2011 grow list includes:

Giant Bhut Jolokia – Seeds from my own 2010 seed stock.
Jonah 7 pod – Seeds from BigT
Chocolate Jolokia – Seeds from Pepper Pat
7 pod brain strain – Seeds from Pepper Ridge Farm
Douglah – Seeds from Pepper Ridge Farm
Caribbean red -Seeds from my 2010 stock
Pimenta de neyde – Seeds from Orrevs

Have to start all of these strains very early in order to get a decent harvest in the short northern Illinois growing season.

I’m just using solo cups that I used last year. I don’t have a heat pad and the basement hangs around 65 so germination will likely be slow. That’s ok, can’t plant out until May so don’t need the plants to get huge. The faster growing peppers – various jalapenos, cayennes, charlestons, etc will be planted in another 4 – 6 weeks. Will probably plant an orange habanero or two then too.

If all goes well this year I will be selling pepper seeds, fresh peppers, dried peppers and pepper powders from this years grow in mid/late 2011.

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